June 30, 2010

The Dark side of Glamour World......

I was not aware of this glamour world or didn't heard about Viveka before,but certainly the unnatural death of her has forced me to think....Was it the intense pressure of the modeling world that made Viveka Babajee so helpless that she had to take this extreme step?

Money, status, glamour matter a lot in one's life.but it can ruin one's life too..I don't think that only a breakup can be blame for that where people's mind and relationships are much more unstable compare to a normal life.

.A face that sells thousand products has a dark side also..may be we are not informed of that.. or may be we know but still this glittering world attracts us in a way..that people forgot its dark side.. Young people attract by the amount of money and face value are given to them so that they have the world at their feet. Good looks, huge money...these are the ultimate things we need to live a luxurious life..but they forgot about happiness and peace of mind..

Such deaths revealed the truth which hides beneath the glossy layer of the fashion world.

A dark side which is only revealed to those who work within it and who have no choice but to learn to live alongside it.Long hours, exhausting schedules and extremely strict diets and ruthless and tough competition make their life so miserable so that some cannot bear the pressure of the circumstances. Working as a model is the dream of many, but perhaps it is time to think how much they can handle themselves in a worst situation.

Only thing has to say that stop exploiting young people..and give a proper guidance to make them mentally and physically strong to handle tough competition...

And for young guys..... follow your dreams, but make sure you learn to walk in those heels before you run.

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