September 15, 2012

A sweet gesture..

Ahh.. one more Friday is here and the one more much talked movie is in theater to giving us enjoyment. But this time I am less confused as Ranbir Kapoor’s Barfi has already knocked the theater and as expected it charmed audiences. It was expected, though I haven’t seen, but make a sense of the movie through the promos and songs.  Thanks to Pritam, who has been hit with several allegations of plagiarism in recent times but with "Barfi!” the music director hits back at critics with a vengeance through the soundtrack that has eight numbers. I love the vintage flavor of Barfi songs, which gives a very happy feeling. And yes of course the expression of Murphy Ranbir, a cheerful young man who dances, cycles and charms his way through the village with not a care in the world. That he is hearing and speech impaired is conveyed through a song, without much melodrama. Very simple very original, also promises that the film will give you no “gyaan” (expressing opinion) and that it will tell you about “saccha pyaar” (true love).
Barfi! is one among a number of films in recent years to have a lead character with a disability and Priyanka’s character is de glamorized . Indeed, the image of the star is so tied to glamour that the act of playing a de-glamorized role is seen as an act of artistic courage. Ranbir’s skillful acting makes up the deficiency with his expressions and endless energy. Without a single line to mouth, Ranbir Kapoor expresses much more than any average actor could even dream of. The actor oozes of such continual charm that you can't help but fall in love with him. Every performance in the film is accomplished. Ranbir Kapoor is simply superlative with his career-best act. From his innocence, expressions, liveliness, pathos and ceaseless charm - he is outstanding in every aspect and wins your heart unconditionally.
The idea is surely not to seek sympathy towards the protagonist but to draw an attention that he is a perfectly normal guy and exudes more life than any all-right mortal. Barfi seems 'visually' stunning, 'smells' of freshness in every frame. So this week  I am surely on for it. What about you?

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