August 20, 2012

A Little Concern..

Travelling by train is the easiest mode in Mumbai but sometimes for me it seems to be the most difficult – on my conscience. In the train and in the station there are lots of little kids wait to ask commuters for alms. They sit in the middle of the way with a new born child. I don’t know why it upsets me every time as I should have got accustomed of this till now. It’s not a new thing for me. Small kids perform circus acts while the disabled crawl up to your feet until you give in to their demands. It’s not easy to ignore a pleading face and just walk past without putting a few coins in their hands. I keep contemplating- do I, do I not? Invariably, most of the times I give in. Does the money that we give them actually help them or nourish them? The truth is bitter! These innocent children do not beg on their own and hardly get anything, as they are exploited by some other. There are no guesses to make here. But Lets not get into this. Who are they and why? Saying all this is the reason what I watch today.
Every day I catch up a local of 10:01 am from Kandivli. Today was the same. Two little kid one is 7-8 years another one is 2-3 years got up in the first class and stared begging by showing some acts. Some of commuters got irritated some kept quiet, ignoring them. I too was sitting and just watching them suddenly a lady started shouting and told to get down, this is first class and she will call police. Some started commenting they are all doing business, all have a bank account etc etc. The girl was still doing the act .May be she is big enough now and faces these entire rude attitude every day. But that two year old kid was looking at the lady strangely may be trying to realize what’s happening. I asked the girl to come to me. I gave a 5 rupees coin and told them to get down at Malad station. The girl immediately did that. The lady who was shouting asked me what difference you made to them by giving a coin. I couldn’t resist myself, replied what difference you made by shouting at them?  
I am aware that giving her money is not the right way. Today in India, begging is not an act, it is a concept; a business in other terms. While walking in the street for shopping, we often come across mutilated children, who have lost their hands or legs. The ground reality is too harsh and saddening. Coming back to my point what I felt the lady could have told this without shouting. Is it attitude of being a superior and travelling in first class? May be some will think that I am too emotional. I agree that giving out a few rupees everyday is neither going to satisfy our inner sense nor will it save the person in particular from poverty. But can’t we change our behavior a little bit? At least for those kids? I couldn’t help but to think that this is how we, as adults behave inspite of knowing the truth. Next time if we find ourselves in a situation like this, may you don’t offer them money but we can think from your heart, and behave a little bit properly keeping aside our ego and feeling of being superior . What do you think?

“It is not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing, It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving” - Mother Teresa
May god showers you all love, peace and positivity in your life, love and little warmth for others. Eid Mubarak !

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