October 10, 2012

Let it be..

It s almost everyday’s issue. I always say my daughter to get her school bag done at night but as usual she forgot everyday and morning I fail to get at least one thing, may be it is her diary or her book. Later I find it from other place. This is what I really don’t like in her. I always tell her to keep her things in proper place. When things happen like that I get worry and anxious and obviously makes my mood upset. My husband has been telling me for a while to calm down, to not get stressed about little things, to learn to take things as they are and not look for perfection in everybody and everything.  Needless to say I don’t give a positive response on that. And it continues.  But sometimes I think if I counter his observations and I let it be, what will happen. The dinner will not be on time, the daughter will not finish her schoolwork (or eat properly, drink her milk, get her hair combed, etc etc), and the laundry will not be done properly and a lot more. Nothing will go smoothly as it is now. So it’s not easy say to let it be. That’s the truth, really.
As long my daughter’s things concern I dislike when my husband gives me “I told you so” look (after getting her books).  What I think making myself worry unnecessary, it’s something that’s been handed down to me as a legacy from my father. Yes, it’s in the genes. You can escape everything, but you cannot escape your genes – not a chance. My father is a perfectionist. Needless to say that still I can’t scattered my things when I visit my home during holidays. Otherwise my dad gives me a look “still you haven’t change”.  Well, when it comes to my dad he is the toughest person to convince for something. Last couple of days before as usual, me and my dad had a fight for convincing him to come over my place. I got impatience. And here comes the saver; my husband, picked the phone, called him and said “haven’t seen you many a days. Why don’t you and mom come here to stay with us?”. Surprisingly my father gave the nod !!
I agree sometimes I should leave things as it is. Hopefully I will learn let go of this as soon as possible.
 Well guys right now no more tensions or annoyance cause exams are going to over ( of course not mine , my daughter’s) festive season and holidays are here. It’s only 10 days left for the Durga Puja, by saying this; I think I expressed everything about how we Bengalis feel about Durga Puja, the biggest happening in our life. There is a saying in Bengali that “Bangaleer baro mashe (in 12 months) tero (thirteen) parbon (festival)”, which literally means that there are thirteen festivals in 12 months in a Bengali calendar. However, I don’t remember which 13 festivals referred too or we may have many more than that figure in a year…really why we need any special day for the festival! Jokes apart, whatever festivals we have in a year but a Bengali’s life revolves around Durga Puja which is full of the celebration, the joy and happiness, the famous ‘adda’, and of course how can a Bengali forget about the food!
When the sky color change from Blue to Red, when there is Kash ful in the field and the fragrance of Shiuli in the air, your wait is over – it is time to welcome ‘Ma Durga’
“Eseche sarat himer paras legeche hawar pare, sakal belay ghaser dagay shishirer choya lage” – Rabindra Nath Tagore.
“Autumn (Sarat) is here, just feel the cool breeze and presence of morning dews on the top of grass”.
All festivals bring people closer to each other, be it family, friends or community. Festivals provide the perfect opportunity to connect with all of them.  The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated as a coming together of the families. It’s also time to go back home for most of us, who stays outside. The wait for this year is about to end. So as Ma is arriving to her father’s home I am too off for Mumbai and on to Kolkata for celebrating festival with my family and loved ones. Hope you enjoy this festive season. Let us know about it too . Ending here.  
Happy Durgapuja and Navratri in advance!

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