August 8, 2012

Mind your Language !!

Yesterday I went to a local shop to buy some grocery along with my kid and I found a man (in well dressed and probably coming back from office) was having an argument with the shopkeeper. Suddenly he blurted out a word as an expression of immediate disgust which is quite abusive. While standing there that immediately made me tensed and as I expected my little girl picked it up and asked the meaning of it. Somehow I manage not to give an answer but it made me realize how much care we should take with our language, particularly when speaking in front of children. I am not sure if the person have any kid or does he speak like this in front of his kids or not. Basically it’s not my look but question arises what impression do we leave on our kids?
It seems we have socially accepted the cuss words in everyday life. Leave home and you will get to hear a wide array of colourful expletives.   What I think it’s current bollywood’s trend that is blindly followed by common men. We Indians are very fond of cinema and we dream of it so and no doubt there is a little contribution of today’s Indian cinema on our language. Call it the statement of new-age cinema  the trend started with “Omkara”, blossomed with “Ishqiya”, acquired a funny urban tone in “Delhi Belly”  turned crude and organic with “Jannat 2” and now “Gangs of Wasseypur”. These are benchmarks which were or are being discussed from street corners to television studios or got a favorable response at the box office.
It’s  actually a debatable topic as to whether swear words should be used so often or not, in the Hindi Films, as a section might support the fact that films represent the society while the other section may stick to the fact that it is uncalled for and a cheap trick to please the audience. I in my humble opinion believe that even if these words are to be used, they should pass off as convincing and not used frequently just to amuse the audience who live by these words. . I understand we get to hear filthy language around us but there should be a proper way to communicate with the audience. I find, like their characters, such directors are also frustrated. And giving an ‘A’ certificate is a creation of a kind of image which attracts young crowd towards something that is forbidden. When the film’s poster says ‘keh ke loonga’, it leaves little to imagination.
Though filmmakers have various reasons for including expletives in their cinema, in the name of authenticity of the situation, the background of characters demands, explicit language is used as a new marketing norm and has made their way as common vocabulary of Hindi Cinema. What is more disgusting that today more or less in every movie you can find those words. Gone those restrictive days, when expletives used to be blocked by a beep, or as of today, the beep is gone, and swears words have become cool talk. What I believe cinema is not just an entertainment. If it takes from society, it also shapes social behavior. As an instrument of social change, it should reflect what is correct and what’s incorrect. Rest  depends on one’s good thoughts. 

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