August 1, 2012

Mumbai: City Of Love and hate!!

Mumbai: A City where everything is possible, especially the impossible; a city that never sleeps. A city that is full of life, contrasts, glitter and glamour. Considered as one of the busiest city but still not having a good infrastructure like others. Here you can see everyone’s in hurry; everyone’s priority is the highest priority at any given time. But seeing today do you think Mumbai is losing its glory!  
No doubt this city is a unique blend of culture in terms of religion, languages, cuisines, architecture and lifestyle. And these make the city incomparable between the other capitals of the India. Mumbai is always known for its large hearted; the city gives space to everybody. And I agree to that. The day I bought my first own flat in Mumbai, my friend said, you owned half Mumbai. That time I was new in this city so didn’t get why she said that?  The growing population in Mumbai and due to that depletion of resources is always been one of Mumbai's struggles. At the time of Independence the population of Mumbai was 4 million and today it is greater than 12 million. An increase of more than 8 million people, almost all from internal migration and more than half of that increase occurring between 1960-1970. This has also led to massive problems with density and slums.

Another tussle of the city is the transport system. Once reputed for having a good and efficient public transport system in Mumbai. Now it has become very inconvenient, hazardous and time-consuming, no matter what mode of transport one may choose to get to his/her destination. Being a regular commuter I can say the toughest part of the whole story is the travelling in Mumbai. Roads are narrow, too much traffic and the negative approach of auto drivers all these makes the story complete.  Only the train transport is playing the role of lifeline in the city. If you ask me, I take an auto rickshaw from my home to Railway Station (after several attempts), then Local train, again auto rickshaw to my office. It’s not only my story; it’s a story mostly of all people. Still I consider myself lucky among them as I cover short distance. People take bus, then local train and either walks or takes auto rickshaw to reach office. It’s very rare to reach a venue by using only one source or if you want to you have to pay a quite heavy amount regularly (that is varied meter to meter!). We know Mumbai for its fast life. Now if we generalize all these , it’s actually traveling time grasps almost 4-5 hours adding working hours and leaving less time for socializing  ,which makes the city labeled as the Fast Life.
But interestingly, with these hundreds of issues, there’s no stopping here. There’s something in it for everyone. If you observe the crowded buses and trains, students apart, everyone in there is making a small or big effort to make some livelihood and that too happily!

Life goes on and I am too used to with the city. Good or bad whatever still Mumbai is a city with whom I fell in love gradually. It’s not a love at first sight. why do I love Mumbai? because every day it brings a new madness to live. It’s like a love-hate relationship. 

Ending with saying :
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yahaan zara hat ke, zara bach ke ye hai Bombay meri jaan.

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