August 3, 2012

To See or Not to See!!

She has got the oomph, she has got the looks, she can set your heart on fire and send chills down your spine, and she is none other than seductress beauty Sunny Leone  the Canadian pornographic actress,  who is recent talk of the town for her tomorrow going to release movie Jism 2.
After seeing the promos the first thing came to my mind that director Pooja Bhatt left you with no choice. You’re either going to see or you’re never going to. And let’s face it, if you’re going to see it, you are not definitely going to expect to be a great cinema.  We just want to see how far the film can be filthy and of course to check out Sunny. Does that sound cheap or below standard? I am not sure.  Erotic scenes in mainstream films are not new and surely it depends on how esthetically can be portray so it doesn’t look ugly.
If we go through Pooja Bhatt’s record, Jism (character done by Bipasha) which she produced, might have been cheesy in parts but not vulgar. And it had what Bollywood loves to call a “strong, woman-oriented role”. Bipasha Basu’s femme fatale character was irresistibly hot because she was not shy about her sensuality or how she used I for her own sake.
What I think Director Pooja Bhatt is refreshingly free of much of the hypocrisy that hangs heavy over Bollywood ( atleast after watching the promos of Kya Super Kool Hain Hum). So when she declares upfront, “India just got itself an erotic thriller that truly reflects the times,” you know it’s not empty hype.
In the ‘first-look poster Sunny Leone was completely covered and seemed to be nude under a very artistically draped and photographed sheet. In later posters, bikinis, bare backs  made an appearance. All the photographs have one clear undiluted motive : titillation.
 I’m just plain curious about Sunny Leone. Though I don’t personally like her  but surely an interesting woman who has built a small business empire and labeled as a porn star  is obviously not averse to taking risks. See what impact she has on our mind. Love her or hate her but u can’t ignore her appearance. She joined the Bigg Boss reality show here last year and has now struck out in Bollywood in spite of knowing India is country where this tag might cause problems for her. It’s all about her profession after all. Perhaps I think she might surprise us all.
Or, Jism 2 might turn out to be a crashing bore. One sexy scene after the other, with nothing much in-between, could be awfully tedious and Sunny Leone could reveal all the acting skills of a plastic chair. I know I am being a little liberal heart supporter but  let me say I’d rather take my chances with Jism 2 than Kya Kool Hain Hum, which, going by all reports, has the most silly humour and is unimaginatively vulgar in both its dialogue and visuals (Tusshar Kapoor in drag!). I haven’t yet gathered the courage to watch it.
 So lets hope Jism2 doesn’t disappoint like “Kya super Kool hain hum” which is a bleak story-line with random scenes which are padded with pun-fulls of adult humour, sexual innuendo, and expletive one-liners.
All the best.                                                   

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