November 26, 2012

Beach Sunset and My Shot

So here I am again with my camera with  mesmerizing natural beauty of sunset at Dahanu beach. Dahanu also called the land of Chickoo Orchards located just 125kms from Mumbai with a 17km long coastline offers a beautiful scenic beach stretch.The name "Dahanu Gaon" originates from the word "Dhenu Gram" meaning the village of cows. A lot of cattle, particularly cows were owned by the people in Dahanu. Beaches in Maharashtra are not very uncommon in but its certainly not like crowded  Juhu Chowpatty but a real, splashing, Frisbee-playing, sandcastle-building, back-floating beach. That such a beach would be accessible by an easy day trip from Mumbai.

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  1. One of the best picture...describing its own story....."Its time to go home after winning the battle and also saving energy for tomorrow's battle "