March 23, 2013

Is Deepika upset with King Khan?

Deepika always considers herself as his protege, respecting the superstar’s talent and his constant support for her acting abilities. But a mentor-student relation is not forever immune from vanities. Deepika’s current attitude towards Shahrukh, as reported has been  best described as being upset with the actor’s behavior.
Apparently it is well-known in B-Town that Shahrukh normally plays Pan  often teasing his close friends for something or the other. Recently his latest humor victim was seen to be Deepika with whom the actor shares a close relationship. Shahrukh reportedly teased Deepika regarding her current rumored beau ‘Ranveer Singh‘. Both the actors are shooting for their upcoming film ‘Chennai Express‘ and as a source reported, the actor started probing and teasing Deepika about Ranveer on the sets , which apparently made her upset.
Sources said that at some point of time Deepika’s attitude changed all together as she started ignoring Shahrukh after his repeated teases. In the past , Deepika has tried to keep the lid on about her relations , keeping them personal to herself, away from the gaze of the public. It is said that seeing Deepika’s miffed attitude, Khan decided to apologise  to his leading lady after which they were both seen cordial with each other.

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