March 31, 2013

Let’s beat the Blues!

It’s Sunday evening and again I am getting ready for a busy work loaded week ahead.  Much as a Friday afternoon brings us delight, a Sunday evening brings a sense of unhappiness to most of us. We start thinking of “Ohh again a whole week, getting up early morning.. So much of work and late nights.. “. After a lazy and relaxing weekend sometimes we begin to feel dread for going back to work for a whole week. And as we can’t avoid our everyday jobs so let’s be positive and think about to break the blues in energy. So how can we do that?    

The first and the foremost point let’s not live for the weekends only and spend some time for yourself and start thinking of doing what you love for the all days of the week. And Live for that. Spend time with your family or any passion or hobby whatever you feel like to do. Hmm.. I guess you must be thinking where is the time? I guess you need to do a better planning for this. Once you do this you won’t feel gloominess. 

Now come to the preparation for the Monday. I know it’s tough but it will be better if one can pack or keep ready for the essentials within reach so that in the morning you don’t have to waste your time for finding those. Like office goers can pack their notepad, laptop, charger and other thing.

Dear woman, I can understand it’s a big deal for thinking what to make in breakfast or how to manage the morning. In that case spend just 10 mins from your Sunday relaxation and make a proper plan about that. Keep things ready in your kitchen. And believe me its effects your morning a lot. After getting up at morning when you will find that you do not need to think on that, your work will go smoother.

Go to bed early at Sunday night. Have a proper sleep. Better to avoid late night parties on Sunday. If you are party manic then manage it on Saturday night. Proper sleep gives you to save your energy to beat the morning blues.

Get up at early morning. If you need to get up at 6 am. Set your alarm at 5:45 am. At morning take a little time to get up, sit quietly for a min (may be you can do some stretches) and do not rush for work.

Prepare some healthy and nice breakfast. Keep it easy and try simple recipes for Mondays.

Get dressed in a nice outfit. This point is for both who are working and those who stays at home.  Take a cool morning shower , get yourself ready. And be prepared for the whole day.  

Give yourself a motivation of being happy and cheerful (easier said than done, but let’s not think negatively) Read good books when you travelling to office or listen good music and free your brain from off-putting thoughts and feel good about yourself.

Be pleasant with others and greet your colleagues in a friendly manner.

There is every possibility to get into blues very easily. But we need to make choices if we want happy or an awful day. And to some extent it depends on us. So confront the blues make some changes in your routine and you can change your Mondays into a bright red instead of blue.

Have a cheerful Monday Folks!!

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