May 25, 2014

Love Yourself….Love Summer

Dont't let your skin suffer on account of the summer heat. Here are some great tips that'll ensure healthy glowing skin.

Summer is the season when you have to take special care of your skin.You may be surprised that your skin which looked radiant throughout winter,suddenly it becomes dull,rough,blemished and oily.This is because in winter your skin’s natural oil solidifies and in summer it flows freely.Its estimated that 90 percent of skin damage and wrinkles cause due to sun exposure.To prevent from any skin damage,try to stay out of sun between 10 a.m-4 p.m,when its directly overhead and UV radiation is strongest.Stay in the shade as much as possible.In case if you go out, certain things are important to keep in mind such as good sunscreen,sunglass and clothing…


* Always apply your sunscreen  20-30mins before stepping out.

* The kind of sunscreen you choose is a matter of personal choice and your skin types.Sunscreen options include lotions,creams,gels,ointments and sprays.
- Creams are best for dry skin.
- Gels are good for combination skin.
- Sticks are good to use around the eyes.
- Sprays are sometimes preferred by parents since they are easy  to apply to children.To avoid the fumes,never spray your sunscreen around or near the face.Spraying adequate amount of sunscreen into your hands and then applying the sunscreen can help avoid the fumes while also ensuring adequate coverage.

* Squeeze out enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass.

* DO opt for SPF 15-30+ daily. If you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time, slather on the 30+.
DON’T waste your money on sunscreens claiming an SPF higher than 50+.they may actually make us feel overconfident and less likely to reapply.

* Reapply approximately after every 2 hours or as indicated on the label,even on cloudy days and after swimming. Even waterproof sunscreens eventually wash off, and all sunscreens can be easily rubbed off by towels, sand,sweat and clothes. So Don’t forget to REAPPLY!


Sunglasses are important for everyone. Sunglasses help to prevent sun damage to your eyes. Unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can increase your risk of developing cataracts and damaging your retina, which could lead to total blindness. As the sun's damage to your eyes is cumulative, it's never too late to begin protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful rays.

* Check to make sure your sunglass lenses are perfectly matched in color and free of distortion and imperfection. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on sunglasses to be properly protected. Just take the time to carefully inspect the lenses before you buy.

* When it comes to shopping for sunglasses, function and fashion are not incompatible. Shop wisely and you'll find a pair that covers both!


There are many versions of Indian cotton that can make comfortable clothes for summer. For example khadi is an excellent material to make summer clothes for women. Loose fitting clothes are good for hot weather. So, skinny jeans and tight pants are not the most comfortable clothes for summer.

* Wearing loose clothes is advisable to help in circulation. 

* Open neck t-shirts are always advisable.

* Instead of jeans go in for loose or bigger bottom cotton/linen trousers.

* You should wear loose fitting pants like harem pants and Jodhpuris that give your legs space to breathe.

* Avoid jackets and thick material tops.

* Cotton salwar kameez are the best outfit for women during summer.Practical colours to wear are khaki, beige and white.

* Avoid wearing synthetic tights and slacks.

* Cotton Bermudas, shorts are best for children. So wear cool summer clothing and be cheerful!! 

* It is a good idea to throw in a scarf that you can use to cover your head and shoulders if required. 

Summer fashion is usually bright and vibrant. You must keep in mind that comfortable clothes for summer can be fashionable provided you choose the right outfits. So wear cool summer clothing and be cheerful!!! 

Author : Sangita Mothe

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