March 26, 2013

Style it up at work

Getting dressed for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind. You can be trendy in an office outfit, you can look glamorous with little accessories,Accessorizing, and matching can be challenging when it comes to maintaining a formal look yet adding some color or detail that makes the outfit stand out. Here are the basic fashion tips for what to wear in office.

  • Ethnic style: When it comes to Indian wear, try to choose elegant, muted colours that aren’t too overwhelming. Avoid very loud prints or too-bright hues when it comes to kurtas, with minimal embroidery and work. If you wear a sari, avoid gold borders or prints. Keep it simple. 

  • Minimalism of accessories: Balancing it out is key when you accessorize. You can try different combinations with bags, jewellery and footwear. Draw attention to one part. If you wear long earrings, keep your neckwear simple; if you wear a statement neckpiece then keep the rest of your accessories minimalism.

  • Tress it up: Hairstyles must always be uncomplicated and neat. Steer clear of adding loud highlights or very elaborate hairdos. Always keep a black hair grip handy to gather up your hair into an easy ponytail and keep it from getting messy. As for hair colouring, make sure you get it done by a professional. Get some subtle highlights to give a sleek, shiny look to your tresses.

  • Shopping essentials: When you shop for new additions to your work wardrobe, make sure to invest in a couple of essentials such as a black pencil skirt, or fitted formal trousers. That way you can mix and match them with other clothes that already exist in your closet. Make sure you choose well-tailored clothes that suit your body type.

  • Lipstick Shades : Bright colour lipstick isn’t usually suitable for an office work environment. Although red lipstick can be fashionable and appealing, many times it is conceived as too vibrant or dramatic. Instead of lipstick, Lip gloss has become increasingly popular and varies in a number of ways. Now, there are lip glosses are even colored that comes in a variety of different shades.

  • ShoesThe shoes we wear can make or break an outfit.  You may wear a very formal business suit, but when worn with sneakers or flip-flops, the style you are trying to create goes right out the window.  As such, you might want to take a moment to consider your footwear before leaving home and determine the correct styles of shoes for office wear. Pumps are considered by far the most correct style of shoes for office wear.  You can't go wrong with them.  Whatever their color or design, pumps are ideal footwear for the office.  They look professional under a dress, skirt or slacks and provide comfort and elegance. Pumps are considered by far the most correct style of shoes for office wear. Sandals are considered correct styles of shoes for office wear,Stilettos are considered appropriate shoes for the office, considering you can effortlessly walk in them.   

  • TGIF: Friday is the last day of the week and one that most working women look forward to, as it heralds the weekend! Add a little spice to your work outfit on Friday and stay stylish for a night out on the town later. Accessorize with a bright colored pair of heels or a statement necklace or ring.

  • Stay active: It’s always good to finish your fitness routine in the morning before work so it’s out of the way, and so if you end up working late you don’t miss out on it. Also try staying active during office hours – sitting for hours on end at a desk can be harmful. Take short walks around the office, and print just 2-3 pages at a time so that you make several trips to the printer or photocopies. 

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