March 23, 2013

Which movie you will watch this weekend : Funny or Scary?

Finally! The work week is over and you’ll have some free time to relax, crack a cold one, pop that corn and do a good hunt for this week cinematic entertainment! I was just going through the reviews of the both movies released this weekend. Two movies released this Friday and both are in different flavors. I guess this time it is going to tough to choose what to watch or both? (if your pocket permits as weekend ticket rates is higher than other days).

Well if you ask me may be I vote for Rangrezz. Why? I don’t see scary movies in cinema hall. Because whenever I watch a horror film, I put the remote in the reaching distance so I can turn it off immediately in case of emergency. And another reason I need a blanket and a cushion to hide behind ! So I think hall will not afford these things to me. So it’s better for me to see Rangrezz. What about you guys? Really want to know about your reactions if you have already watched.  

Let’s have a look what’s the opinion of others about these 2 films. As I read the reviews I just made an outline about these two movies. 

Funny : Watch out Rangrezz has to convey...

This film is about three friends (well as I said earlier Bollywood is going through a Bormance season. Read my Bromance in the the air) . We see Hrishi (Jackky Bhagnani), Winu (Amitosh Nagpal) and Pakkya (Vijay Verma) on the entry of their professional careers. When the trailers of Rangrezz released, it delivered a common insight among the viewers – including me – was that it’s yet another story of a group of friends who are ready to put their lives at bet for a jigri dost, a la Rang De Basanti or for that matter even Kai Po Che. To an extent that’s true. But Priyadarshan puts his finger on certain realistic aspects of life; certain questions that might trouble you and stop you from taking decisions on a whim.

 Jackky Bahgnani doesn’t impress, but (and thankfully) doesn’t make you cringe too. Rangrezz does make a valid point – with a handful of well-placed twists – the story loses steam in places. The first half of the movie, which doesn’t really say much and moves slowly, could have been a small crispier.

Look out for…

Performances: Jackky Bhagnani is competent. Amitosh and Vijay also make a good debut.

Lushin Dubey’s loud Bihari (or is it Bhojpuri?) accent and beautiful sarees (Ladies note that!)

In the end, Rangrezz is a hatke take on ‘friendship’, and to some extent on love. Well its good that Bollywood implements the “friendship” subject but I hope too much of this or overuse will curdle the taste?  Whats your say?

Scary : Watch out What Aatma has to convey...

As reports says Aatma – starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Abhay) and Bipasha Basu (Maya) – is not as terrible as Vikram Bhatt or Ram Gopal Varma’s masterpieces (thank god!), but it’s not as slick as Oren Peli’s (of Paranormal Activity fame) interpretation either. Bipasha Basu’s crying is too loud and Nawaz’s character alerts us of the many dangers of having an evil husband. One thing who saw the films said, Suparn Varma could have paid attention to the kid who’s an integral part of the film.

As I saw the trailer the story has been pretty clear so far. But the ending is impulsive. Bips plays the role of a daunted mother with amazing ease – managing her tiny tot, dealing with the demands of her work and shooing away her husband’s ghost – she’s doing it all at once. As they say, women are good at multitasking. 

Look out for…

Nothing to say about this actor Nawazuddin Siddique. If you want to watch the movie, watch it for him. Make him a thug and he will steal you hearts; make him a ghost and he will vanish like a column of smoke, leaving an impression on everyone.

Some of the scenes are really well shot. Not run-of-the-mill at all – they simply prove that the makers have put in some thought before presenting the dish to people who have an appetite for horror films. Some of the effects are super and it’s sure to send shivers down your spine. Certain portions in the movie just don’t stick to the clichéd horror story telling pattern and that’s good.

The concept is super – a small girl stuck between a dead father who claims to love her and a living mother who genuinely wants her betterment. 

So what's on your movie agenda this weekend? Still I'm thinking about watching...


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