April 20, 2013

5 ideas for making Healthy food tasty

The foods which are said to be healthy do not fascinate us, right? Not necessarily. You do not have to eat tasteless food only sake of your health. 

Adding some healthy zing to your boring food can make it tasty too. So just say no to dull and flavor-less food. Lets find out what punch you can add to your healthy but otherwise boring meal.

Yogurt:  There is nothing like low fat dressing. Simply mixing spices like salt, pepper or cumin powder and chilli flakes in yogurt can make it a great salad dressing.

Spice it up:  Spice up your grilled chicken by drizzling it with some little oil, onion juice, chilli flakes and garlic. You can also try marinating chicken in some paprika and pureed tomato before grilling it. Try the same with paneer or tofu before you stir fry it with bell peppers.

Lemon: Some lime juice adds zing to almost any meal. Just add some lemon to fresh cut veggies like tomato, lettuce, spinach and onion to make a yummy salad. Simply squeeze some lime juice in carrot or pumpkin soup to make it more delectable in an instant. Steam some veggies like spinach, lettuce, peas, corn, broccoli and carrots and add some lime, honey and pepper or chilli flakes.

Herbs:  Mix various herbs like parsley, coriander, basil and oregano to flavor your grilled or sautéed veggies. Add herbs in low fat butter or cream cheese and spread it on some whole wheat or multi-grain toast. Try scrambled or poached eggs with garlic and some oregano. Or mix up some whole wheat pasta with mushrooms sautéed with onions, oregano, basil and garlic.

Sauces and Puree: Try making interesting sauces of tomato, pudina or garlic to go with your main course. You can make fruit puree too .The purees have no fat, and you'll also save calories. Make sandwiches with green sauce instead of butter. Most Indian dishes have certain ingredients in common, so preparing and storing one when you have some spare time is a great idea. That way when you're ready all you do is add the meat or veggie to the gravy and cook through!

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