April 14, 2013

Drape a sari like a Bong!

Long shiny black hair flowing till the hips, big bold eyes with heaps of kajal,
sensuous curves along the waist and her heart like the Bengal White Tigress – that’s precisely what describes a Bong Beauty!On the other way if you have a closer look on the draping style it is so relaxing and motherly that it always conveys the love and warmth.  

Bipasha Basu in real life to Vidya Balan in Parineeta, Sharmila Tagore to Tanuja, be it the Divas of the bygone bollywood era or the current heartthrobs, Bengali women have always continued to win a million hearts in the industry and otherwise. Parineeta re- stir up the Bengali saree draping style in a brand new avatar. 

What was more of a rural practice in the outskirts of Kolkata, has now caught fire among the Urban style Divas as well. This draping style looks more gorgeous than it ever has with all the extravagant and plush fabrics like Dhakai Jamdani, Baluchari and more. 

Wear this look to a grand occasion and/or festival gatherings. Learn how to drape your saree in the Bengali style with these easy to follow steps.

1. Slip the saree along your waist in the petticoat; start with the area near your naval and go left, take a 360 degree round and come back to the naval area from the right.

2. Drape the remaining saree all over again to half your left. Make a fold and tuck it at the back (towards the left, near your waist).

3. Take the rest of the saree to your right along the front side so that it crosses the folds in the front. This time, take it towards the back, on the right side and tuck it near your midriff.

4. Drape the remaining saree comfortably along your bust; make neat pleats and rest them on your left shoulder. Pin the pleats on the shoulder along with the blouse. The border should hang down to the left side of your knee.

5. To give your look an authentic Bong look, get hold of a bunch of keys (You can find gorgeous key rings used by the Bengalis to tie to the pallu of their sarees. You can find them in silver and/or any other metal) and tie a knot with the key ring and your pallu (anchal). 

Take the corner of the pallu to which the keys are attached, comfortably from underneath your right hand and then, you can let the pallu fall along your right shoulder to your back.

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