April 12, 2013

Filmfare’s 100 Years of Cinema Edition

From the days of Raja Harishchandra and Alam Ara, the film industry, as a whole has undergone major metamorphosis in terms of content, styling, gravitas and artsy-ness!

And three heartthrobs Dilip Sahab, Mr.Bachchan and King Khan, who have managed to pump the nation’s almost billion hearts pump at one-go come together to feature in a single cover. That is reason enough for one to catch hold of this issue as this will span more than a lifetime!

Looking dapper in suits, the three acting legends have managed to make this Collector’s Special issue an eye-catching yet an amazingly euphoric issue to get hands on to. While Shah Rukh and Big B have shared screen spaces in many films before, it is a first time that we caught Dilip saab, Big B and SRK in such a jovial single frame in the history of cinema, which in turn completes its century this year.

 From conducting special Award shows to paying tribute to the gone by 100 years of Bollywood in their own ways, most mediums have tried their hand at cooking up something brand new and innovative under their header. But no one could match up to the panache and grandeur that Filmfare managed to with the unveiling of the cover of its latest issue. Featuring three cinematic heavyweights of their Eras, and  all in one frame, Filmfare cover spells Brilliance with a capital B!

Shahrukh shared the magical moments by saying "I had a marvellous time shooting for the photo shoot with Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. I feel my life is complete now. When I was shooting with Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, Saira ji came to me and said if she had a son he would have looked like me."

"They have seen so much in life and you can see that in their eyes. It's a wonderful moment that they have given me," he added. 

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