April 8, 2013

Foods that increase your energy level

It is an urban legend that tasty foods are always unhealthy and will pull back every effort you put by doing exercises and work outs. Here are some of the tastiest foods that will make the above fact false. Try these and give a kick-start your to your work outs, either it be a daily exercise or be a sweaty athletic training.

1.Almonds /nuts

One of the most mistaken energy nutrients. The fat in this tasty nut is believed to make you bulgy. But the real truth is that the monosaturated fats and omega 3s in nuts, can boost your work outs. The fat available in cheese and butter are the ones that could make you tired and lazy.


If you are a workout freak and like to do muscle paining weight exercises, then this yellow fruit can give you the required strength to all your muscles. The potassium in banana is a nerve strengthening ingredient. Added to this, easy to digest carbohydrates is rich in banana. Any fruit with natural sugar and enough energy content can be taken before workouts.


Chocolates are very good energy boosters, but only if taken in little amounts. Take it a lot, it could result in you gaining a lot of sugar, fat and calories. Compared with other chocolates, dark chocolates are less in calories, so you can prefer that than others. Take a bite of it whenever you need an instant energy boost.


Though these are tiny, they are filled with all kinds of energy nutrients. Apart from vitamin B, fibre, zinc and calcium, it contains everything you could get individually from each of the above items. Add a little rock salt, very little, and a small bowl of lentils will be everything you may need before a workout. You should watch out the limit, since too much may cause stomach upset.

5.Easy to Digest fruits:

Filled with Vitamin C and anti oxidants, fruits like apples will be a nutrient-punch. The healthy sugar and carbohydrates adds to your energy level and helps you in longer workouts. You should avoid hard-to-digest fruits and should take limited amount of these, to get the maximum benefit.

6.Bran Cereals:

This is the best food one can count on to increase physical performance. With its high fibre content and betaine chemicals, bran cereals boost up your metabolic rate. It will increase your cell function and reduce dehydration during workouts. This is the best pre-exercise food you can get for a better physical performance.

7. Chicken:

Protein rich food like chicken, fish and eggs are best taken after exercise. These foods will make your muscles grow stronger, when taken within one hour after workout. This is because, this is the best time when the nutrients lost due to exercise can be refueled.

8.Juices and Shakes:

The quickest way to replenish the lost energy after workouts is to have a few sips of any natural shakes or smoothies. Nutrient rich liquid foods are best taken within one hour post exercise. This can help you in avoiding heavy meals after workouts, but at the same time, can keep the nutrient level constant.

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