April 11, 2013

Let's make it Better- Happy Gudi Padwa

Though India is often and justly described as a land of many religious and different languages. It might well be described as a land of festivals too. Being a highly spiritual country festivals are at the heat of people’s live. Just a couple of days before the festival of color was celebrated with full zest now it’s time to welcome the New Year. 

It’s time to celebrate Gudi Padwa- the Maharastrian New Year. Like most of the special days and festivals of our country |Gudi Padwa too has mythological genesis. According to the Bramhapuran Lord Bramha recreated the world today hence this day is celebrated as a new beginning. The day is celebrated with prayers, gatherings, songs, and feasts. Other than the rituals how can we make this New Year celebration unique! Here are the ways to make your New Year celebration exclusive and special for yourself and for your family too.

 Dress it up :
Take out sometime of your busy and same schedule. Use this day to show off your creative side. I believe every person has their own mind of creativeness. Try to use that. Let’s be innovative. Wear traditional clothes your, give yourself a little bit a change look. Let your beauty blend into your home. Decorate your house. Change the curtains; get some cozy cushions, fresh flowers and a beautiful rangoli. Invite your friends and relatives and let them discover another “YOU” in yourself.

Cook up a storm:
 I do not mean by saying this that you should spend the whole day in kitchen! But when festivals are there some traditional food to “Banta hain” :) And dessert is the best way to celebrate any day. Make some sweet dish like puran poli, Shrikhand or Ladoos, Phirni may be jalebis. You don’t need to be a Kitchen master for that, whatever you make with love and faith will work just well.

Time of Bonding:
Festivals are meant to be spending it with the family. Different mind, different choices – keep those things for rest of the year. Make this day a nice family day. Apply a basic rule and plan to have meals together. Say the kids and younger one to spend the time with family. And let’s make the day as a “Day of Bonding”
Spend a little : Or more…depends on your pocket and mood! Buy small gifts for your loved ones and for yourself too. Shopping therapy is the best one to make everyone happy. Wondering!! Ask ladies :) So go ahead and make others happy.

We often talk about the New Year resolution at the New year time in December. Why not take a resolution on this day: Keep them or break them I should say take them. Make a resolution (not to break of course!) and my suggestion is to make a difference to somebody’s life by lending you hand of help.

What’s more! Let’s not pull it extra.. Ending here with saying that your little effort can make your day so special and exclusive..So give it a try.. Make your day memorable.. Oh yes! Do not forget to capture those happy moments.. Later it can be reminisce as memories are always sweet to recollect.

So Live, Love and splurge for happiness and spread it too .. Happy Gudi Padwa!

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