May 24, 2014

Mango Mania : Aam pora Sharbat

A chilled glass of homemade Aam pora shorbot is a perfect remedy to the scorching heat of the peak summer months of April, May in India.  

 I remember at the beginning of summer, Ma would make a good quantity of the concentrate, store and use as and when required. It would continue the whole span of summer. So if you are thinking what will be your welcome drink for Poila Baisakh party. Aam pora sharbat is always a best choice. 

These days, a variation of Aam pora shorbot is Aam panna, which you can get in any shop, available in packaged avatar too. These drinks have a high nutrient value, a rescuer against heat stroke and dehydration too.


Raw Mangoes
Rock salt
Cumin seeds, dried red chillies roasted and ground


1. Roast the raw mangoes, with the skin on over an open flame like you would roast a eggplant. Use a tong to turn it around so it is evenly roasted on all sides.
2. Let it cool and peel the charred skin. Scoop out the pulp
3. Mix the pulp with some salt, sugar and water and pulse it in the blender
4. Sieve the sharbat to get rid of the tiny bits of pulp that may still remain.
5. Sprinkle the roasted cumin powder just before serving.

Note : Aam Panna and Aam Pora shorbot preparation is the same. The only difference is the starting material.
While in Aam Pora Shorbot, the green mangoes are roasted over fire, in Aam Panna, the green mangoes are boiled.

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