April 30, 2013

Quick fixes for puffy eyes

It doesn't matter how much you get sleep at night, and if you wake up with a baggy eyes you are not surely going to look best for the day. 

Though the two major reasons for puffy eyes or dark circles are lack of proper sleep the other reasons include the consumption of salty food, menstruation, pregnancy, and drinking water or any other fluids two hours before bedtime can cause baggy eyes. Fluid preservation is one of the main reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes. Here are 6 tips on how you can put it right before going out for the day

1. A cold compress: Take a soft flannel cloth and wrap a few ice cubes in it. You could also try soaking it in cold water. Close your eyes and place the cloth over them for a few minutes. Once it gets warm, wring the cloth and get rid of the excess water. Repeat this three to four times. The cold compress reduces the visibility of dark circles and keeps eyes from looking bloated.

2. Teabags: Used teabags, especially chamomile teabags help fight puffy eyes. Get two used, cold teabags. Wrap them in tissue paper. This is so that they do not stain the skin under your eyes. Place these over your eyes for a few minutes. The tannin content in tea helps tighten up the area and reduce puffiness.

3. Do not rub eyes: Rubbing your eyes is a bad habit. It can cause a lot of irritation. It can also make the eyes look even puffier. If eyes feel irritated it is best to just wash them.

4. Cut down on alcohol and salty food: You may have noticed that people who drink a lot have pouches under their eyes. Minimize your alcohol intake to prevent your eyes from puffing up. Salty food also causes fluid retention so it is best to avoid having too much. This is a good way to prevent puffiness.

5. Use more than one pillow: It is better to keep your head at an elevated position while sleeping. Use two to three pillows under your head while sleeping. This stops the fluid from collecting in the area under your eyes. Your eyes will look a lot better if you do this.

6. Get enough sleep: Sleep is very important and sleep deprivation can cause you to get dark circles and can bloat the area under your eyes. Maintain a consistent pattern of sleep, i.e. sleep and wake up at the same time approximately every day. Proper sleep allows your body to rest and once it is well-regulated you will also look better.

These are some of the best ways to hide puffy eyes. However, bags under the eyes can sometimes be inherited genetically so if all the above do not help it is best to consult a doctor. In addition you could also try using foundation or concealer to cover them up. 

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