May 25, 2014

Shine in white!

White clothes are common but fashionable, easy to match and fit in all occasions, and appropriate for wearing on both workdays and weekends. 

They also look good on people with any skin color and complexion. As women age, wearing white clothes make them look younger and more refreshed. Now that summer is (almost) officially here, it’s safe to fill your wardrobe with your best and brightest summer cool while clothes.

Shine in white for summer by following these tips:
Every woman should have a pair of white pants: if bought in the right style, they will make you look great no matter what your body shape is.

A warm welcome to this summer's most flattering and comfortable trend : long skirts. Pick your best choice and wear it with trendy sleeveless top. 

If you have a pair of pretty shoes that you want people to notice, match them with a pair of white capris: a white background will make your footwear stand out. We love sandals and getting out of socks and shoes is something we look forward to Wear these with maxi dresses, tailored shorts and knee-length skirts. 

Summer means lots of day trips, or small outing and otherwise needing a purse full of essentials that can take you from day to night. Carry everything you need in this large but an elegant bag. Easy to carry and stylishly structured, this bag also features multiple pockets for easy organization.

A linen check top is just a perfect wear in summer. It is comfortable, trendy, eye soother and keeps you cool in this scorching heat.

Always carry a scarf as scarfs now a days in fashion and can protect you from direct heat.

Remember white accessories – bracelets, belts, pearls, purses, sandals – for a refreshing summer look. And do not forget about your sunglasses too!

Be fashionable and have a bright, happy summer! 

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