April 5, 2013

Thank God Its Friday!

Its Friday and who wants to cook when the weekend is just getting started? Well ladies if you think same as I do, then may I give you some great ideas?  In my opinion, Friday dinners should be a relaxing end to a busy week. By pre-planning your Friday dinners, preparing a meal doesn't need to be daunting or exhausting. What I do, I usually make a combo meal in easy way. So be sure to have more time to relax and start your weekend with a delicious, homemade meal. 

Egg Fried Rice with Tomato Chicken (my daughter named this recipe as “Mithe me atka Spice ka Jhatka”) as this chicken is little bit sweet and sour in taste. Both are very easy to make and yummy too.

Egg Fried Rice:

What you need :

Egg-3/4 beaten
Black pepper : some whole and crushed
Spring Onion : Chop into small pieces
Long grain rice (preferably boiled)

How to make :

Make the rice. The rice grains should be separate so spread them in a tray and allow them to cool. Heat the oil in a pan, add the whole black pepper and spring onion and sauté over a high flame for 3 to 4 minutes till the vegetables soften. Add the cooked rice and salt ( a little sugar as per your taste). Take another pan put a spoon oil and make the scrambled egg. . Add the Scrambled Egg to the rice. Saute for another 3 mins. Serve hot.

Tips : you can make this fried rice with fried chicken too. 

Tomato Chicken :

What you need:

Chicken : 1 Kg
Onion : 4 big finely chopped
Finely chopped green chillies
Half cup tomato sauce
1n ½ tbsp soya sauce
Blacke pepper whole
2 dried chilli

How to make:

Heat oil in pan. Fry the chopped onion till it gets golden brown. Take it out from oil and absorb the excess oil in tissue paper. Add Black pepper and dried chilli in oil. Suate for 1 min then add chicken. Add salt and cover the lid. Cook in low flame till the chicken gets soft. Add tomato and soya sauce. Mix it well and cook for another ¾ mins. Finally add green chilli and fried onion and cover it for 5 mins.

Serve hot with Egg fried rice. Enjoy! Feel free to let me know if you try this!

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