May 3, 2013


 I am writing this post with great excitement and gratitude!

Feeling happy that GleeBize crossed 150th post and 3500 traffic today. Thank You dear friends for your support and encouragement!! To tell the truth, I didn’t even notice it until yesterday so I do not have anything really exciting to share with you all.

 Today's post is just the recall of all the important happenings in this blog in these 3 months. I started to blog on 2010 but I took it seriously on 20th March this year. The idea of converting my blog into a website came to my mind as I have gathered interest on Entertainment section during my working tenure. As I said before my blog is a mixture of approach and I always try to present my feel to it.   Initially I was just posting my articles only once in a month then I started to post recipes, Bollywood news, lifestyle articles and some more. Don’t know how much you guys like it. But yes… people are coming to my page which I can see through page traffic.

Oneday, I started to blog just like that and my very first post was about skin care . I wrote like this in that post " THIS IS THE FIRST BLOG I AM WRITING... I AM REALLY CONFUSED WHAT TO WRITE OR WHAT TO SHARE WITH YOU..SO LETS START WITH SOME FEMININE MATTERS..”

Its true I was puzzled !! Why I should start blogging and what to write..Now it became a passion to me. 

Now I took blogging bit serious. I thought of a name for my blog, selecting a logo then I bought a domain name..  I changed the template. My husband helped me a lot and I feel happy that people loved the template :-)

I would love to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment, I enjoy reading it and also follow me through networkedblogs (by clicking the follow this blog button)..Its easy.. and matter of a min. Please please please.... :) Let me know about your view what you like and something you don't become more accurate.

Once again thank you so much for taking out time to visit my blog..

Keep coming're always welcome here..

Lots of <3....

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