May 14, 2013

Cloud swept hills, Darjeeling and GoodRicke Tea

I am supposed to stay in Kolkata now but just a day ago it is confirmed that I am going to Darjeeling with my friends. Guess why Darjeeling?
After watching Barfi I was always keen to visit that place. Basically Darjeeling came alive on the silver screen in Anurag Basu's Barfi. Let’s take you back that Satyajit Ray's 1962 complex family drama 'Kanchenjunga' is also set in the midst of the dew-soaked hill roads of Darjeeling. Who can forget the beautiful song in the lap of Himalaya's peaceful beauty in the film Parineeta. With monetary dependence on exhaustive tourism, the hills have lost much their luster but Rituparno Ghosh's decade-old emotional saga 'Titli' revived some of the old-fashioned charm of North Bengal's lush beauty too. So this time I am going to find out the old charm..Hope fully..

Travelling is something which always fascinates me. Um..I think we all love to travel because travelling to a new place always fills some motivating factor to life. And this is perhaps my very favorite thing about travelling. Leaving home, even if it’s just for a few weeks, makes it come alive again when you return. You can see just how vibrant, how wonderful, how beautiful your hometown is. Having the capability to travel around the world is one of the most amazing things in the world, there are so many awesome things to learn, and help us grow. Moreover it gives me time to brush up my photography passion too.
I can see the world from a different perspective. As the old saying goes “Perception is Reality.” When you get to see a place through your own eyes everything you ever heard or read begins to get defy based on what you are seeing first hand for yourself. So, it is my thought that it’s not real until you have discovered it for yourself. 

Meeting new people It is possible to meet new people at home, of course, but many of us stick to our same group of friends when we’re in our comfort zone. Out of the comfort zone, though, now that’s where the magic happens. That’s where you’ll meet people who are either entertaining for just one conversation or day, or will become friends that last for many years.  
Beauty is in the eye of its beholder: A picture is worth a thousand words. So, if I go to the beach and feel the sand sifting through my toes and as I smell the ocean, I have fewer words to describe that. Traveling to the place gives you so much more than the photo could ever give you. Sure, pictures are wonderful, they help us to remember, but the experience of being and seeing firsthand leaves an impression that will stay with you forever.

 I love to EAT!!!  I am always interested in tasting the local food offerings when I travel. Travelling give the opportunity to eat the food the way the people of that particular area intended for it to be. Now, I know you can feel me when I say AUTHENTIC. Remember, real is always better than the replica anyways! Like whatever the big restaurant claims to have authentic Bengali food but you can’t get that taste unless you are in Kolkata  So on..
Chicken Thukpa

Rest and relaxation. I love living in the city and I really love having many options, but sometimes I just want to rest and leave all the worries of life behind. Traveling allows me the opportunity to do that. If you take a day or two to sit on the beach and just be, then everything that you do in your day to day hustle and bustle becomes worth it. When you take this time away from everything that you think you must do, you then learn to appreciate life and you also get the opportunity to revitalize your thoughts and prepare to move forward.

Who knows what will happen next? Who can imagine what we’ll be seeing this time next week? Travelling brings a wonderful closeness to every day. ). Sometimes, I am focusing too much on the tasks of work and everyday chores. The opportunity to travel provides me with an attitude adjustment. It allows me to exhale and temporarily escape. So I have planned a short train trip with my friend to Rimbik , Darjeeling. I have never been there before. This won't be a very complicated trip, but instead a chance to just step away from the day-today. Just a short description of the place: Rimbik is a hill station in Darjeeling District of West Bengal used as a stopover for trekkers visiting Sandakphu. From there we will head for Srikhola. Srikhola is a lovely scenic village and from there to Darjeeling. So I am going to relax, enjoy the scenic beauty and off course to sip delicate Darjeeling tea.  See you guys next week ..Will share with you my experience with some my photography. :)
Pic : Collected

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