May 13, 2013

In my city- Kolkata

Kolkata Through My Lens

A view from Princep Ghat 

Embankments or Ghats that have been built at locations along the holy Ganga's flow has provided the people of Kolkata with vintage points to appreciate the beauty of this place as well as the river.The Princep Ghat was built in the everlasting memory of James Princep who was an extraordinarily brilliant research and at one point of time served as the honorable Secretary of the hallowed Asiatic Society. This gifted person is especially remembered for his role in decode Emperor Akbar's Brahminical script. James Princep for all his enthusiasm in research and analysis died a premature death at the young age of forty one.

Raindrops on my windscreen 

The one sequence I remember that is etched in our mind in Satyajit Ray’s Jalsaghar, is the ageing zamindar glaring  at the darkening sky , he is worried for his wife and son who are journeying back home on a boat. And as he watches the light change outside the window and hears the wind rise, an unspeakable terror fills him. It is the month of Baisakh, the time of summer storms known as kalbaisakhi in Bengal. Coming back from the ghat we met thunderstorms. As the rain drops was pouring on the wind screen of our car it makes a nice view. Enthralled by the waves on the screen with the headlights of cars in the background, I could not resist myself to click. 

Some more shots of my city are there will upload it  later..

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