May 29, 2013

Moments of Madness- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

 Bunny explores the world by travelling but Naina sees the world though her books :)

 Naina’s heart skips a beat when she sees Bunny walk towards her :) 

 Who says expressing your love is difficult? Just the way you look at the other person says it all :)

 Get the sleep you need… Sometimes even at work :P 

Scholar Naina believes in the power of prayers. 
What do you think she’s praying for?

And we thought Tangdi Kebab, Keema Pav & Hakka Noodles is all he cared about :P

 Bunny believes in capturing the moment today so that it lives forever :)

One look from Bunny makes Naina’s heart skip a beat.

You don’t need an alarm clock if you’re travelling with Bunny! 


 Kabira will take you through the emotional roller coaster that Naina & Bunny are going through

Friends don’t invite but simply pull you in all their craziness filled with indefinite joy & laughter :)


Bunny loves to travel...

Pic source : Twitter


  1. i am just loving Ranbir, as an actor he has grown a lot, He has received the best actor award, watch Lux Cozi Toifa on 16th june on Sony tv

  2. Nice article! Watch Ranbir having fun at Lux Cozi toifa on 16 th june