May 30, 2013

The Last Lear and his women

Yes, it took time to realize the painful fact that the legend director Rituparno Ghosh is no more in this world. The unexpected death has every way impacted as a shock for the world of cinema.
His short span of life is too short for a man with a mind of understanding that was inspiring and a deep feeling of being incredibly flexible. Accredited for leading in a new wave in Bengali cinema he can be surely marked as a trendsetter for his films like Unishe April and Dahan. Ghosh was always known for adore women in his films. He explored the protected channel of women’s hearts and weaved beautiful tales of joy, love and sorrow. Some of his films will remain marked as a captivating compliment he paid to the fairer sex. Rituparno Ghosh would be recalled for moving stories on women and their minds, emotions and feelings found in his characters in his films. Have a look at the timeless tribute the brilliant film maker paid to women in his movies.

Abohoman draws the pain of two women ragged between affection for one man. The plot thickens when male protagonists Aniket  auditions a young actress, Shikha (Ananya Chatterjee), who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife Deepti (Mamta Shankar) when she was younger. Deepti enthusiastically begins to coach Shikha for her husband's film — so much so that Shikha becomes even more like the young woman Deepti used to be and, as a result, the aging Aniket falls in love with Shikha, a woman as young as his son, despite the sadness and trouble it brings to his family. The dilemma between the characters, the personal journeys, everything has been portrayed with a certain glitz.  The two stories often get intermixed intentionally to obscure the boundaries between the characters of Sikha and Binodini.

Chokher Bali literally translated to "sand in the eye", figuratively to "constant irritant"; is a touching tale of two young women two friends Binodini and Ashalata  (Aishwarya Rai & Raima Sen). A tortuous journey of Binodini, which shows off the love, loss, adultery, distrust and pain.

Bariwali, A lonely middle-aged woman is forced by circumstance to let out her house to a film crew. She is attracted to the charming director and he exploits this fact to suit his purposes.

Dahan revolves around a housewife (Rituparna Sengupta) who is molested by local goons in front of her husband. Seeing nobody help her, a school teacher who comes forward to save them only to discover that she has to fight her battle to get justice even without the support of the victims!

Dosar is a story on marital disloyalty that beautifully portrays the disturbance of young woman who discovers that her husband had cheated upon her only when he is critically injured and his love interest is no more. 

Unishe April is a moving story that traces the complex relationship between a highly successful woman, her husband and her daughter. Mother-daughter relationship dexterously explored by the maverick director Rituporno Ghosh.   Sarojini(Aparna Sen) is a famous dancer whose profound dedication to the dance-floor causes the a limit of mother and daughter relation. While honor and acclaim make way into her professional life she is less successful on the domestic front. Her growing popularity leads to her husband Manish's (Boddhiswatta Majumdar) gradual resentment towards her and ultimately a rift between the couple. Manish takes over the upbringing of their only daughter, Aditi, as Sarojini remains busy with her artistic commitments. Sarojini seems to find a replacement for the void in her marital life through dancing, however she is unsure if her blossoming career and success is really bringing her happiness. The sudden demise of Manish forces Sarojini to put her daughter in a hostel. The glittering memory of her father and her mother's inability of give her proper time results in Aditi's bitterness towards her mother.

Shob Charitro Kalponik(SCK) that wizard of sensitive storytelling from Rituparno Ghosh. We see Radhika,(Bipasha Basu) trapped in state of marital unhappiness , as not just woman struggling to keep her home and heart together, but also as an individual trying find her identity against odds that are created mainly in her own mind. 

Rituporno Ghosh will always be living in our heart and soul as we can never imagine losing a genius like him, that too all of a sudden. It is a tremendous loss such a cinematic genius. No doubt this sudden demise has taken away many insightful art of work of him.  May God rest his soul in peace!