June 21, 2013

I N. M Y . C I T Y . K O L K A T A - Flavours of the Street

Ghoti Gorom 

 Street food of Kolkata is just fantastic, and I bet if you taste it once, you will feel like coming to Kolkata again and again.
Whenever I am in Kolkata street foodies like me could not keep my mouth empty for once! Apart from phuchka I love to eat “ghoti groom”.  I remember one ghoti gorom wala used to come in my locality. I was his regular customerJ. Have u ever tried a "ghoti gorom”?? it's a chanachur mix pepped up with finely chopped green mangoes, onion, n green chillies with a generous spread of a masala and little bit of mustard oil… in just 10 bucks, a super tangy flavored Ghoti-gorom is served. And the most amazing part of this food is that it is always served hot as there’s a charcoal fire burning under the big vessel! 

Lebu cha- Lemon tea

And who can forget the lebu cha (lemon tea sprinkled with rock salt). So refreshing!!

Phuchka/panipuri/golgappe etc etc...

Known throughout the country by different names, phuchka one of the most iconic and beloved street food snacks in kolkata.

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