June 25, 2013

Kiran Rao says “Masala Films Don’t Excite Me”

Film-maker Kiran Rao along with Siddhart Roy Kapur held a press conference in Mumbai to promote director Anand Gandhi’s film, Ship of Theseus which has won six awards and been screened at thirteen top-notch film festivals across the world.

Speaking to the media about why she has not yet ventured into making masala Bollywood films, Kiran Rao said, “I don’t do main stream commercial masala films because I don’t know how to write a film like that. Secondly, I’m not particularly drawn to that genre of film. Personally, I’m not excited to watch those kinds of films.” 

So far I’ve made only one film (Dhobhi Ghat) and I genuinely don’t know what my next film will be. However, it will certainly be a film that will provoke some kind of thought and it will hopefully leave you with some images, some moments which you can take away.”
“Films for me are a discovery of myself. I use them to plumb my own depths – whether it is writing or performing – to figure out what I can do and to have that wonderful collaborative experience that film-making is. I’m hoping I can make films that will interest people and interest me, to begin with.” 

Talking about husband Aamir Khan in Dhoom-3, Kiran Rao said, “I honestly have no clue about the film. While on most of Aamir’s films I have been on board right from the script-reading stage (like PK), I don’t know anything about Dhoom-3. I want to go and see it without knowing what the story is and enjoy it unfold with all it’s surprises!”

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