June 18, 2013

Tips to look gorgeous without make up

Sometimes natural really is better! We all envy that girl who can pull off the bare faced look; that natural beauty who steps out of the door with shiny, bright eyes and long, glossy locks. There is nothing like natural beauty. We all have our exclusive natural beauty but most of us do not know how to show up our natural beauty in order to look hot without makeup. Learn the tricks to look beautiful without using makeup, read more here.

Always smile

Smiling is a great facial exercise and it prevents wrinkle formation. Besides it’s a stress reliever, smile can keep facial muscles toned and you look young. Keep on smiling and prevent your aging. In fact it is the zero cost anti-aging treatment which makes you and people around you unconditional happy.

Shape your eyebrows

Eyebrows are the great facial component that defines sharpness of the profile. You can shape your eyebrows as per your facial shape. If you have round face add an arch in your eye brow, or in case of oval shape keep your eyebrows short. You will look ravishing.

Practice Yoga

It’s a time tasted way to look hot, sexy, and balanced. Practicing yoga keeps us healthy, objective, and toned. It helps managing stress.  Yoga stimulates blood flow and helps in maintaining excellent skin glow.   Practicing yoga at regular basis is like maintaining anti aging regime.

Routine skin care

Skin demands regular care. You must take out 10-15 minutes time regularly to clean and pamper your skin. You must use good quality skin care products according to your skin texture. In case you have oily skin you should use gel kind products and for dry kin you should go for creamy products always.

Wearing Red

It may sound funny but it’s true. Wearing a red dress will enhance your appeal and you will look hot. If you want to look like a head turner without makeup this red dress remedy will make you happy with the result. So keep a few red dresses in your wardrobe for a sizzling make over.

Use sunscreen

Apart from synthesizing Vitamin D, sunrays do a series of crime with our skin. Under direct exposure of sunlight our skin gets dry, wrinkled, rough, and pigmented. In order to be safe from sun damage, you must not forget using good SPF sun protection creams. In case of cloudy days also UV rays remain active therefore you should never go out without sunscreen protection. Protect your skin from sunrays, it will look beautiful, soft, and supple.

Use a smart posture

It’s a great part of grooming that defines the profile of an individual. If you want to look hot and sexy you have to maintain an attractive posture. A straight and upright posture adds an aura in the profile. With great look and great posture you can walk on ramp and can win the world…try once!!!!!

Keep a positive mindset

This is the secret of looking like an ageless beauty. You must know how to manage stress, how to feel happy, and how to act in an organized way. Once you adopt a positive view of life, it will surely reflect in your eyes. With your positive life style, you will be able to add a special charm on your profile so that you can ditch your makeup kit for ever.

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