July 2, 2013

Bread Jam Pinwheels

Jam pinwheels

How to make snacks fun and healthy and easy for kids’ tiffin box? I am talking about the mid-morning (10-11 am) snack that I pack for her. It can be quite a difficult to keep snacks fun so that they gobble it up and you can be one satisfied mum seeing their empty tiffn box, to keep the variety going, make it easy for you and of course ensure that it is healthy for them as well—fun, easy and healthy! Yes, all packed in one box. Here are some ideas. 


Chocolate pinwheels


Bread Jam Pinwheels:

Ingredients Needed

Bread Slices - 4
Mixed Fruit Jam - 2

Butter for roasting.

Cheese pinwheels

Method to prepare

Trim the sides of the bread slices and on a rolling board, place the slices and roll on them real hard. You will find that bread will become like a sheet.

Spread the Jam on the top. Then from one side, roll inward very tightly to join the other side. You will get a long roll. Cut into smaller pieces.

Heat a pan and place the small rolls, sprinkle butter and toss on all sides. Since these are filled with jam and also roasted, it remains soft yet very sweet to eat.

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  1. This was a quick method. Normally attach 3 -4 slices together while pressing the slices and spread the jam before rolling. This way you will get a bigger Pin wheel. 
  2. Once the sides are tucked in well, these needs to be refrigerated for the ends to get stuck.
  3. Just before serving, remove, slice into smaller pieces and roast them in butter. The best thing is that you can use cheese slices or sandwich spread or chocolate spread as fillings for variety taste.

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