July 8, 2013

Effects of Sitting Prolonged Hours

After facing the thronging crowds, sweating in the unbearable summer heat and after inhaling tons of the polluted air… you have finally reached your office! And all that you want to do now is just sit and relax in you air conditioned cubicle for a while.

But, what happens after we are finally ensconced in our little air conditioned cubicles, away from the sun’s heat and those crazy crowds? We Sit. And that’s about it! All we do is sitting in our cubicles to do our work, sit in the canteens to have our food, sit in never ending meetings… All this sitting is bound to have an effect on our bodies. This effect is seen in the form of that expanding waist line, a little paunch that refuses to back down, a double chin and so on. While all these are just superficial changes, have you ever wondered what is going on in the inside of the body with your relentless sitting?

Inflexibility & Over tiredness:
If you are sitting for the long time at your office work desk without changing your position can lead you in an inflexibility that will be a reason of overtiredness. As new studies have shown that you should not place yourself on a particular place for a long time as it will start to kill your flexibility of body bit by bit. Long hours of sitting may cause of squeezing your blood vessels that stops the blood fluctuation in the several parts of your body.

Stops the Blood Motions:
Sitting down for a long time may be harm for you as it stops the motions of blood in your lower body veins. The electrical motions of the blood can be interrupted by the congregation of several activities in your body by dint off your unchanged sitting postures. The collection of various electrical activities in your leg muscles may come to a standstill that contribute to form the lack of sensations in veins.

Sitting all the day at the same place with no standing or moving around can take part in contributing the vital role of producing the obesity or fatness. Researchers have linked as sitting for long periods of time brings a number of health constraints such as obesity and metabolic syndrome that build a cluster condition which includes increased blood pressure, excessive blood sugar, body fat in the region of the waist and atypical cholesterol levels.

Heart Syndromes:
Even better, if the muscles activities need for standing and other basic movements, or else our body seems to trigger important processes that are related to the breakdown of Heart. You can conquer it by engaging yourself in some morning and evening exercise as it will help your body to compensate the eight to nine hours of sitting behind of work desk.

Diabetic Synopsis:
When you sit, the processes of developing the blood tissues in your body interrupts and stall your all essential motions of blood circulating that may cause of some diabetic synopsis as it increases the level of blood sugar and insulin resistance in your body that leads to develops the tissues of diabetes. To continue to exist yourself you need to burn more calories that might lead to weight loss and amplify your energy.

 Herniated Disc:
Sitting in front of the Television or computer is only concern of vigorous activities in your body like you will feel the lot of pressure on your hips and spinal cord that will lead to damages like herniated disc. Continuous pressure on your spinal cord by dint off the long hours sitting may cause of compression in your spinal plates that would not be very agonized but might needs a long-term treatment including surgical healing.

Most of us like to sit over long hours at our work desk and most of time we end-up sitting in the similar positions. Similar position means the pressure on your mind that contributes to form a stage of gloominess or depression. The less movement of body means less blood fluctuation in which you will feel the depression, darkness and dimness.

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