July 28, 2013

Shahrukh Khan on Filmfare,People Magazine covers August Issue

Nothing seems to hold back the badshah of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan. Even after seven surgeries, silicon, and four titanium screws, he is back. Calling himself Frankenstein, SRK talks about how vulnerable he really is in the latest issue of People magazine.

Shahrukh says that this time it will only be for professional reasons, or to talk about films. He adds that though he never lived in an ivory tower, he is moving there now. He says he is no more interested to answer questions that go in his personal space. He also adds that he can't explain himself to people who already have a story in their head.

In his words,"I went on Twitter because I thought it would be a space where I could be myself, yet I was misread. Lately, I have begun feeling that there is a lack of dignity. People feel they can say anything to me. It's the internet, the free press. I get disappointed. I don't want to talk about my personal life with anyone. People get carried away on social networks; they like masala. I will just tweet about Chennai Express. There are a lot of lonely people around the world who I shared my loneliness with. There was a bonding. Unfortunately, people don't respect that. They ask, 'Why are you with this girl?' or 'Why are you fighting with this actor?' I am shifting back a bit. I was never in an ivory tower, but now I am moving there quietly. The core of your beliefs should stay the same even if it is old-fashioned. I can't explain myself to people who already have a story in their heads. I will save it for my book-which will be one, big, controversial one".

On his famous friendship with Karan Johar that is rumored to have gone sour he says, "Forget a rift, I am a Grand Canyon with everyone. You need to re-look at your relationships if they have changed according to what is reported. Dont try to fix things in your next interview. Some of my friends do that. It's sweet. But, I won't do that.". He goes on to add, “On some days it’s nice, on others, friends have issues. But it's never been on the level of a rift". Well, isn't friendship all about that?

Khan was warmhearted and genuine in the interview to People magazine, he talks about his family, friends, & life post-surgery. 

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