August 20, 2013

Dressing by your body shape

Dressing should be done according to body type and that is the USP of trendy fashion statement. Be it fall or autumn, dressing according to body shape is the way to look attractive round the year. The most common body types are apple type, pear type, hourglass shape, rectangle shape, and wedge shape. Learn here how you will enjoy the best of your body shape and those items are strictly no-no for you.

Apple shaped body

·             Your USP is: Those good shaped legs!

·        Your aim: lengthen the upper body, displaying your legs, and hiding mid-section bulging, and extra width of shoulder.

Do not use oversized tops; instead wear short skirts, v-neck wrap type tops, and low rise jeans. Never bring focus on your waist. You must use belts at waist upper. Do not emphasize on your heavy mid section. Great example of apple shapes celebrity is Jennifer Hudson.

Pear shaped body

·              Your USP: torso, shoulders, and even stomach

·        Your aims: displaying arms, adding shape to upper body, and hiding wide hips.

Do not wear attire that focus on your thigh and hips. Instead prefer wearing strapless dress, boat neck tops, cowl and square shaped necklines, a- line skirts for camouflaging wider hips, and straight leg jeans. Contrast wear like light color tops and dark colored bottom wear will look better on you. One of the best examples of celebrities with pear shaped body is Kim Kardashian.

Pear shaped body casuals
Pear shaped body fashion

Hourglass shape of body

·               Your best asset: Curves.

·        Your aims: Showing off your curves, balance curves, complementing curves

You should try for fitted dresses, wearing belt at waist, fitted, straight leg jeans. In addition to these, you may go for wrap dresses, high-waist skirts for showing off hips, and make your dresses with thin, lightweight fabrics. However, do not try on baggy clothing or and do not hide your curves. One of the stunning examples of hourglass shape body is Beyonce.

Rectangle shape of body

·          Your USP: Your arms and legs.

·        Your aims: Creating curves, showing off slim legs and arms

You always go for sweetheart tops and scoop neck style tops. Also try for long jackets, low rise jeans, collared tops and raffles. However do not try heavy designed clothes, and never fry anything bra less. Additionally try layer, and dresses with clinches at one side. Famous celebrity Natalie Portman possesses this body shapes, and she dresses following these rules. 

Wedge shape of body

·          Your asset: Your beautiful legs

·        Your aims: highlight your lower portion of body, creating distraction from wide shoulders and slight boyish body tone.

You must try for full skirts, tops with waistline focus, high waist style dress, wide leg pants, and always prefer to war bright colored bottom wear. Never try for spaghetti and boat neckline tops. Hot star Audrina Patridge uses this style of attire to make over her wedge shaped body.



  •       Go for hip-long sweaters and  body-fitted jackets
  •         Hide a bulgy stomach with an empire waist top
  •         You may try an extra-long necklace, elongated up to the bottom of bra and naval. It will create an illusion of longer and leaner body.
  •         Use of right innerwear is mandatory.
  •        A gorgeous piece of jewelry will distract eye from so called problem areas

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