August 21, 2013

Madras Café predictions : Do the controversy develop the viewers' interest?

Lots of guesswork is roaming regarding “Madras Café”. Realeasing this Friday an Indian political spy thriller “Madras Café surely made a high expectation after considering the trailer. I was just going through the tweets about the film and the reviewer’s reactions are positive. 

Though we cant predict properly after only watching the trailer.. Still we can expect a good movie as the director is Shoojit Sircar who has proved his skills in Vicky Donor and now expected to provide us with some real life drama and entertainment. John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri both are looking very impressive in their roles. 

John Abraham is playing the role of Indian army officer appointed by the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW) to conclude an mission in Jaffna. John’s character is to be as close as it can to a real life spy.

Nargis Fakri is playing the role of a British War Correspondence in Sri Lanka with her own voice recording and no voice over is being used as she is expected to be British born Indian journalist.

But I must say time is little vital as of “Chennai Express” is still running with full pace and last week “OUATIMD” got badly affected by this.  Will “Madras Café” able to put a brake on “Chennai Express”? Or after 2 weeks released audience will accept a serious reality based flick over SRK’s masala flick? Or do controversies roaming about Madras Cafe enhance the viewers' interest?

Lot is being said about movie’s motives and its script revolving around LTT chief V Prabhakaran and assassination of Mr Rajeev Gandhi. Movie speaks about the way this incident changed Indian political mind set and destabilized the international relations of India with its neighbour countries.

Bollywood is no stranger to controversies. From members of Tamil activist group Naam Tamizhar prohibiting the film's release in Tamil Nadu to politico Karunanidhi urging the government to unearth the truth behind the charges leveled against the film, so already it has earned huge publicity for the so-called controversial content before its release.

While John is quite firm about the film, Sircar too expressed his angst over the issue and said that in a democracy, creativity should not be held on gun point. 

Bollywood’s love with drama and masala movies makes it really hard for producers to make an exceptional movie. Movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag received success on Box Office, not because it was based on a real life athlete, but also there was masala (Romance – Songs – Heartbreak etc) added to the film. But Madras Café can break the myth, if only Shoojit Sircar has done his job thorough and brilliantly.

As I said time is little important because reviewers has given thumbs up but our janta is being real fussy these days. Romance is in the air and success is being granted to fun and relaxing movies. On that scale Madras Café may face a real challenge. 

Lets hope for the best….

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