August 24, 2013

Reality Check : Madras Cafe Review

There are certain faces in bollywood which are common to portray a role like Indian Army officer or raw agent, Arjun Rampal or John Abraham.  Reason? 

The firm face and the physic. But how to bring a such role in reality that’s Shoojit Sircar wonderfully did in Madras Cafe. I watched D Day and Madras Café. The main difference in both the movies is, the first one has lack of facts and turned out an unrealistic movie. Where as Madras Café will surely force you to stick to your seat till the last scene, and interestingly when you’re pretty much sure about the concluding part.

I wonder about John Abraham. When and how his acting got so matured? His screen prensence as an Indian Army Officer shows, without being over emotional, an army officer can be a true patriotic. When he tried exposed Bala’s (One senior officer who leaked the information to LTTE) disloyalty towards country, just uttered “Shame on you”. Nargis Fakhri - Jaya (a British war correspondent in Sri Lanka) (inspired by many war correspondents, including Anita Pratap), was just perfect in her role. As for Nargis, her accent worked without a glitch for her role. Siddharth Basu - Robin Dutt, a key bureaucrat in Research and Analysis Wing is still as smart as he was before in 1985 as a host with "Quiz Time", smart acting and neat screen presense. Ad guru Piyush Pandey - a Cabinet Secretary of India and Dibang a senior journalist both are decent in their respective roles.

I am not political but may be “We lost our PM” is little influenced what I felt. Other than this the film is intelligent, taut and gritty.Not to forget some other add on qualities in the film.

1.  Shantunu Moitra did a marvel in background scoring, Maula Sun Le Re is appropriate with last scene where John comes out in bright sunlight. Superb!!

2.  Kamaljeet Negi - The cinematography is remarkable, shots of huge naval warships, helicopters floating across hills, sunshine on a deadly sea, haunting.

“Madras Café deserves an audience for hard hitting plot and neat presentation.

So this week get off the train (read Chennai Express) and have a raw black coffee at Madras Café. 

Happy Watching!

Rating: ****

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