August 27, 2013

Top 10 places known as artistic

Numerous cities in world are known for their landscape beauty. A few cities are there also which have been planned and decorated in such a way that the layouts of these cities look artistic and picturesque as like a painter’s artwork. Some of the cities are known for the collection of great artworks. 10 such cities are named here as top artistic cities of the world. 

Paris, France

Concerning art and culture, this is one of the loveliest venues of the world. Here world famous Louvre museum is located. Besides Louvre there are lots of places which are known for their beauty, symmetry and excellent architecture. The city with its optimum sophistication and beautiful structures is indeed one of the prime artistic cities in the world.

Florence, Italy

Florence houses lots of masterpieces of art and architecture. There are plenty of museums with best display and collections. The city houses some famous religious buildings which are known for their beauty, elegance, and spiritual significance associated to it. There are masterpieces of Giotto, Raphael Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo's David.

Vatican City

The Pope’s Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places across the globe. There are millions of priceless masterpieces inside Vatican,. The splendor of Sistine Chapel, St Peter‘s square by Bornini not only look gorgeous, they look celestial with their holy association to Jesus and St Peter and the majestic ambience of the places.

Berlin, Germany

This capital city of Germany is being considered as one of the greatest art venues in Europe. There are plenty of museums in Berlin, its art galleries, innovative architectures, and exhibits in Berlin which keep tourists mesmerized. It’s a planned city where nostalgia of past and ultra cool progress of technology resides side by side. Undoubtedly it is one of the best artistic cities of the world.


The place boasts arts and culture and maintains and excellent spirit to enjoy art and artifice in its best exposure. The Fluorescent Art Museum, display a rare collection of psychedelic lights and it’s homage to the memory of Jimi Hendrix. Artworks of famous painters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt are also housed in Amsterdam.

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful looking cities. The city has exclusive museums on Russian collection of art and Russian art and culture. It is also one of the most widespread museums with objects from all corners of the world, encompassing pre-historic age to post-modern era.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is known one of the most known places for American Art Community; it’s a paradise for art lovers who love American native artwork. This city is the home town for many eminent artists. The yearly market of Santa Fe is a great venue for display of native Indian art for global audience.

Los Angeles, California

The city is one of the major US metros, known for its astounding architecture and different exclusive museums. Amidst it plethora of amusement parks and tourist attractions, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art states the love for the LA community for art and culture. 

Sydney, Australia

Although Sydney is mostly known for its wonderful beaches, it has some wonderful art objects to offer for its guests, especially for those who have a nose for enjoying fine arts. Visitors can travel around the city to enjoy the mesmerizing architecture, local art galleries, etc. They may join for the Sydney Sculpture Walk, featuring contemporary artists from Australia. Sydney Art Tours takes people at the smaller art galleries and offers cozy visits to all these artists’ studios.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo dispays unique collection of Asian art. The city has around 240 museums; some of these museums are Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Nerima Art Museum. The arts and crafts lovers must not forget visiting arts and crafts scene  of Tokyo at the Edo Shitamachi Traditional Museum. Those are music lovers should e Musashino Music College Musical Instrument Museum. Here more than 5,000 instruments across the world are found on diplay.

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