September 13, 2013

Filmy Friday: 'Grand Masti', 'John Day', 'Horror Story' release today

This week there is a mix of three different genres - horror, thriller and comedy on your plate - 'Grand Masti', 'John Day' and 'Horror Story' release today. Here are the quick reviews : 

Masti 2 :Grand Masti Movie Review

Ratings:0/5 Review By: Abhishek Mande 

I do wish I had something, anything good to say about the film but I’m afraid there is nothing. There were parts that made me cringe so much that I couldn't bear to look at the screen. The male chauvinist worldview that Grand Masti perpetuates -- that all women are available; men are sex starved because they don’t get any from their wives; the wife who is more successful than her man has to be a horrible one etc -- is exactly the kind that women in India are victims of.It is disturbing that a film of this nature should have a budget of a few crores, get such a wide release and receive so much publicity. I am going with zero out of five stars for Grand Masti because there is no way you can enjoy this movie and still claim you respect women.

Ratings:1/5 Review By: Mayank Shekhar 

Ideally a film like this doesn’t merit a review. We knew the movie would be loaded with double meaning jokes. The issue is that a whole lot of the movie’s gags — if you can call them that – have, if at all, only one meaning. In which case, we’re not really watching a sex comedy now, are we. Male private parts aren’t spared either as they literally stand in ovation, are fondled with, or pushed up with a suction pump. You don’t really get grossed out by it, which may have been the point. You just don’t laugh.At least half my row in the theatre had already left at the interval though. One is often advised to leave your brains behind for a film like this. It is the only way to ensure your IQ doesn’t drop to negative when you’re finally done with the movie.

Taran Adarsh  reviews for JOHN DAY & HORROR STORY 

John Day' is a taut, edgy thriller. It is a forceful and intense film and the director gets it right by casting two intense actors, who add a lot of weight to the goings-on.


HORROR STORY should be liked by horror film buffs and those who relish this genre. Most importantly, it lives up to its promise of providing chills and thrills in those crisp 1.30 hours, which should work with its target audience.

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