September 11, 2013

Once again under that beam of light- Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan, an actor full of zest, a personality with lots of positiveness. I truly have a high regard for this gentleman not because of he is a great actor or Bollywood celeb and has a huge popularity. 

It is because every time I read his writing the way he shows us the meaning of living a life is extremely admirable. His words and way he expresses himself through his blog despite of his busy schedule, I must say this is called affection towards work and life and of course balancing between them.

KBC has started again. His magical voice and depth of his knowledge once again drag us in front of the TV. Sure, confident, lock kiya jaaye these words in a baritone voice will be heard again on TV.

Here is one of his writings which he shared about the show. Once again under that beam of light….

That beam again … of light and shadow .. of contour and design … to judge, to prefer, to demonstrate the importance of the presence …

I live in that beam eternally, to build and evaluate the beginnings the end and the in betweens .. what do they signify, if not indulged in, of our existence. They tell us within the shadows of darkness the light which illuminates around us but in limited editions. Light shall limit itself to that sharp beam, that gentle opening where the percolation occurs, steady and consistent, so long as the source remains so ..

Sources become our energy, our values, our conduct .. without which we may fall into the eternal trap of judgement. Judge a person in absent base, and ye shall see that they differ with those that profess normality.

Some of the beginnings defy base and root. They become vulnerable to our impressions that we create. We may be from inferior stock, but do possess the ability to rise, to impress a sound and gentle difference among many that adversely think about us such. Those are the challenges that we face each day. Those are the mountains that we struggle to climb. Those are the hurdles which rise above us threateningly, inviting us to climb upon them, slip and recede, try again, holding on to whatever territory that comes within our grip, and eventually dropping over on the other side, perhaps exhausted, weather worn … but never regretful of the achievement …

I have nothing to show, nothing to speak about, almost no presence. But if I can profess to have been involved in an effort to drive my being upon that illusive wall that confronts me each moment, I shall welcome it with strong and muscled body parts, a willed mind and an entire hemisphere filled with hope …

What is it that humbles you. What is it that generates dignity and reserve. What then is the answer to them that fail as ever, to be guided by this ordinary truth, that endeavour is never unnoticed or forgotten. Others may, but never us, within.

Keep them then, alive and prosperous, sincere and revered … for they shall be our passports to the future, which ever direction it takes ..

Yes .. I test each day the reserves and the balance that is often required. But I also test the extremes of forbearance. Tolerance, toleration, patience, resignation, endurance, fortitude, stoicism, long-sufferingness, leniency, lenity, clemency, indulgence ; restraint, self-restraint, self-control, moderation, temperance, mildness …. all address that which to me means, the right from the wrong.

I could be wrong … but my effort to make it right should never be wrong ..


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