November 15, 2013

Ram Leela - A grandeur Rasleela of SLB

Revising Shakespeare's work to Indian culture is the newest trend in the Hindi film industry. 

With today's release Ram Leela (Ramleela), the Bollywood's renowned filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made his venture into the Shakespearean zone which was grasped by Vishal Bhardwaj in his prior work. Based on Shakespeare's one of most popular romantic tragedies Romeo and Juliet, Ram Leela is set against the backdrop of guns and revenge, the desi Romeo and Juliet fall in love and fight the world and their families to live their dreams. Ram Leela, being one of the much-awaited flicks of the year, is expected to be a major box office hit owing to certain controversies that will sure drive audiences to theatres to see Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in action.

In the movie Ram Leela rotates with two major characters- Ram (Ranveer Singh), the local village charming , colorful, yet dramatic gypsy natured guy and Leela (Deepika Padukone) an wild passionate village girl. The only thing in common between these two strangers is their families' hatred for each other. The two communities have been on oath enemies since the past 500 years and their own clans falling in love is worse thing that could have ever happened. When Ram and Leela see each other for the first time, their worlds crashed, wars are fought and destinies are written in blood, forever.

What will happen when they declare their love to the world? Will their families relent or will Ram and Leela carve their own destiny?

Ram Leela's songs deliver a much hope than expectations. The music is soulful, refreshing and has a high inspiration of Gujarati folk music. While 'Laal Ishq' and 'Dhoop' are undoubtedly the best amongst the track list, 'Nagada Sang Dhol', 'Poore Chand' and 'Ang Laga De' also leave a great impression. Even the “Ram Chahe Leela” is a huge git with catchy tune and great dance performance  by Priyanka Chopra.
Ranveer Singh looks energetic and delivers a confident act. Deepika manages to bring in a lot of grace and looks sensual with her magnificent presence.
Ram Leela is another SLB creation, complete lavishness and splendor. For all its hype, grandeur, money, blood, sweat, music, tragedy, Ram Leela is hopefully worth watch.

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