December 26, 2013

Ways to Brighten up Your Wardrobe

Winter can be dull, and the profusion of neutral colours in clothes during the fall. The winter season can lead to some amount of boredom in terms of your fashion quotient. Here are some tips to add cheer to your cold winter days with a pop of colour and excitement in your outfits.

1.  Build it up: It’s tough to transition from wearing neutrals to bright colours, so it’s good to start small. Use a bright coloured clutch, or a nice pair of sunglasses and colourful accessories to add punch to an otherwise monochromatic or dull coloured outfit. It’s always good to take small steps. That way you don’t end up overwhelming the outfit or making the outfit too loud.

2.  Light neutrals: People tend to wear dark colours during the winter so try to brighten it up by wearing neutrals in colours like beige, light pink, grey or light blue. Neutrals need not be synonymous with dull. Try these colours in coats over dark pants or skirts. Pastels are also considered as neutrals – so to break up the monotony, pair a dark coloured skirt with pastel or neutral coloured shirts or jackets.

3.  Match it up with your skin tone: It’s important to know what colours go well with your skin tone. For certain people, some colours can make them appear drawn out while certain other colours can brighten up and enhance their complexion. For example if you have pale skin, colours like white, beige and other pastels can make your skin colour brighter. If you have medium or olive skin then opt for yellow, orange, red or bright blue.

4.  Tie in different colours: It’s not enough to add just one bright colour to an otherwise neutral or dark outfit. Else all the attention will be focused only on that. Add complementary pieces that contrast the other bright accessory so that there’s an even flow to the outfit. Try a printed belt in the same or similar colour of the focus of your outfit, or earrings.

5.  Add a scarf: If you’re unsure as to how you can accessorize, use a scarf. It’s the easiest way to make your outfit interesting or to add colour. For a monochromatic outfit, add a scarf under your coat for a break in the monotony and that extra pop of cheer. Make sure it complements the rest of your outfit and makes it complete.

6.  Colour in your makeup: Makeup is another way to brighten up your ensemble. Just a bright red or pink lipstick, or nailpolish in a fun shade can add elements of interest. This is a simple way to add colour. A neon shade of eyeliner or nailpolish when paired with grays or blues can look great.

7.  Experiment away: Don’t shy away from experimenting with outfits. It should be fun and easy to come up with ensembles that have the right mix of colours. Just ensure that the eyes go smoothly over the outfit and if you don’t feel daring enough, start with lighter shades paired with whites and greys.

It’s quite easy to create a lively, unique look with just a few of these tips, so that you feel fashion forward without putting in too much of effort. 

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