December 16, 2013

What we got to know from Koffee with Karan Show - Recap of Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao's Episode

A curiously candid Aamir Khan and a sweetly catty Kiran Rao appeared as guests on the latest episode of 'Koffee with Karan'. We outlined the best instants of the celebrity couple from last night's episode. Lets check it out. 

      Aamir Khan is a pitilessly honest man

Not known for mincing words, Aamir stayed in his usual undiplomatic self on 'Koffee With Karan'. Minutes into his interview, he admitted that he hadn't liked host Karan Johar much when they had first met and continued to drop equally frank statements all throughout the show. He admitted to confessing that a girl had once sent him a text asking to sleep with him (and that he liked it), having found Salman Khan 'rude and inconsiderate' on the sets of 'Andaz Apna Apna' and to being guarded around Shah Rukh Khan.

      Kiran Called the award shows are “hoax”

Kiran Rao, was equally frank in her interview like her husband. Kiran called her Aamir being an unsocial guy and labeled all award shows as a 'hoax'.

      Aamir is a party destroyer

Kiran Rao and Karan Johar discussed Aamir's unsocial behavior at parties with great gusto - presumably having had to make excuses for it several times before. Karan called Aamir a 'party destroyer' as the star usually sauntered into social dos and asked for a private room. KJo also accused Aamir of 'segmenting' party guests and then taking them all along to his house. Aamir feebly tried to defend himself but finally had to admit that he didn't quite enjoy it all, and most especially, loud music.

      Aamir considers himself as an average person

During the rapid fire round, KJo asked Aamir to rate himself out of ten as a father, husband, actor and director to which the actor answered five every time. This prompted the frustrated host to ask how good he was in bed that left Aamir red in the face and Kiran giggling like a schoolgirl! Aamir finally gave himself a five in that department too, prompting good wife Kiran to jump in and say it was much higher. Aww!

      Aamir and Kiran are extremely competitive 

In the last segment of 'Koffee with Karan', husband Aamir and wife Kiran went head-to-head in a mixed bag quiz round that saw both celebrities show off their competitive sides. Aamir, in particular, reacted animatedly, leaping from his couch in outrage, while Kiran was no less excited making crazy eyes at Karan every time she thought he was favoring her husband.

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