January 1, 2014

From steep to sky-high - Vidya Balan’s style evolution!

Bollywood creates its own set of rules for its “heroines”. A lean figure, a seductive pout, skimpy dresses under the best designer labels and such other trademark styles that is identical to every other glam doll in the tinsel town. And then, there are some that break the rules and set their own canons. The name that immediately comes to mind from that brigade is Ms. Vidya Balan . 

She has redefined the cliches related with current Hindi movie actresses who possess those perfect bodily features and flaunt them to the best of their capabilities. And in reality we can’t be perfect all the time right? Among all these “Perfects”, there is a lady who loves her curves and has no doubts about showing them off with style and self-confidence. Onscreen or off it, what we mostly find her in, is sarees. She loves to drape herself in the ‘desi’ avatar- carrying off all those silks and Kanjivarams, as beautifully as ever! Big bindis and equally well-suited heavy jewellery that complements her sarees gives her the typical Indian woman look, and makes her completely stand apart from the Bolly trend. She is loved for how she dresses and thus she has managed to made a niche for herself even in the big domain of fashion, following a clearly unconventional route!

Things weren’t as smooth as they are now. Ms.Balan (who’s now Mrs. Siddharth Roy Kapur), in the earlier phase of her career, has been severely, though often with indirect sarcasm, been criticized for her sense of fashion. Those were the days when she had tried adopt the prototype style called “Bollywood heroine”. Her messed up style statement in movies like Heyy Babyy, Kismat Connection etc. got wide doubts from the Bolly bigwigs. Her voluptuous body was continuously under the scanner, and this is when she chose to play her cards to her utmost credit! Womanliness lies in the curvy frame and not in “size zero”, this is what Vidya showed, and Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee played a crucial role to turn the tables around for her.

With her movies that followed, such as Paa, Ishqiya and No One Killed Jessica, she had emerged as the picture of womanly elegance, with earthy hues and graceful get-ups. In these movies, she sported a range of styles from arty cotton sarees to loose shirts and cool sling bags, and was gradually undergoing the process of breaking the pattern. And finally, with The Dirty Picture, she confronted the customs and created a trend like never before! Bright colours, retro polka dots, flaring old-school bell-bottoms. Yet, it was her fearless performance and the oodles of confidence she showed that made everyone sit up and take notice of her. She again strengthened her image as the standalone woman in Kahaani, where she casually got into quaint maternity outfits and classy boots.

Thus she revived from the ashes and established herself as the fashion way-out. Gone are the days when she had to refer to style-book. When it comes to her appearances beyond the film reels, she chooses to be spotted in those gorgeous sarees of hers, almost always managing to look ravishing in her own way. Those extra inches around her body must have never felt thus flattered before! Though some are still negative about her routine gaudy sarees and three-quarter sleeved blouses, but then, it is much more of a visual treat than what she would have attempted to follow the herd.

So  ladies if you are feeling uncomfortable about your curves or you wish to could have a perfect bikini body then wipe out this myth from your mind and start loving your body. Be curvy and sexy with loads of oomph and ‘I-give-a-damn’ attitude. 

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