May 30, 2014

Happiness is Homemade!


I'm so overwhelmed with feelings about this that I've got to write a huge chunk about renovations first. If you are impatient, just scroll down the words and go right to the photos. I'm kidding. STAY AND READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. Straight from my heart.
So last 2 months it was chaotic. 10 years back we bought a one BHK at Mumbai. Not a very small one comparing to the other 1 BHK. And we wanted to convert it is 2 bhk with proper space management so the home should not look congested.  Doing remodeling of a home where you are staying also it’s a mess. But still I was obsessed to do that. I spent hours browsing home decor magazines and websites. So many talks with my husband about ideas and what can or cannot be done. I dreamt up the dream home and visualizing the end result.
First we had to sell all old furnishings which we bought either we just needed (anything would do type) or to cover an empty spaces. Soon those things became an eyesore for me. I made a list of those and sold some of them, some reused.
I love colors, bright and enchanting, pretty colors. So when all suggested me that we should go for light colors for the walls that will make our room bigger, we decided to mix bright shades with subtle ones. That’s sometime little risky because you never know the color in the shade card might not look in wall as it is.
I basically left almost NOTHING of the original flat behind except my room. Even the electricity had to be completely rewired. Still there are some works to be done. Like the living room sofa, matching cushions, a small adorable dining table for us… and some more decoration…
Getting your home remodeled requires a lot of determination. So for this 2 months we really worked very hard on the house. I made hundreds of big and little decisions on every colour/fabric/design you see, and was constantly on the lookout to buy anything that will make my house prettier. Of course, I must share a lot of the credit with my husband too. I think we shaped my old home in a very well designed house and everyone appreciated. I'm quite proud of myself.

Ok finally I'm done with the yakking. In this entry I will just be showing you photos. Let me know how you do like it.


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