June 6, 2014

'Filmistaan' movie review: A sensitive issue served with humour

Verdict : Filmistaan is the movie that can't be missed!

Filmistaan is one of my favorite film and i have seen it twice during Mumbai film festival and Jagran Film Festival. Both the times i have witnessed the cinema halls flooded with admirers of good cinema. Yet the film took two years to release as it never had any big presenter. But thanks to UTV who understood the film and finally decided to release it.

Basically We live in a country, which is highly obsessed with cricket and cinema. Cinema was and till date one of the biggest source of entertainment in our country, Just after the completion of the centenary year of Indian cinema, we have a unique tale of film lovers by Nitin Kakkar in his film 'Filmistaan'. Starring a host of new comers in the form of Sharib Hashmi and Inamul Haq, The promos of ‘Filmistaan’ have gathered a lot of attention. So Let’s find out how the film is.

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