June 17, 2014

Let's not be judgemental

This is the damn big problem of us. Whenever there is a sensitive issue like rape molestation, abuse we tend to get judgemental. It’s like we all know what happened ( who cares about what happened or what’s the big deal if we were not witness it ,whatsoever !! we know all) .

It’s really an unfortunate such a bizarre ending to a beautiful (?) love-affair. Yes talking about the latest case to have caught the nation’s complete attention! Bollywood actress Preity Zinta filed a molestation complaint with the cops against her rich industrialist ex-boyfriend, Ness Wadia.

The incident happened during the semi-final match between Punjab and Chennai in the Indian Premier League when Ness Wadia allegedly abused and harassed Bollywood starlet Preity Zinta. Ness Wadia is the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab who was also involved with Zinta for a long period of 5 years before they fell out.
By going to the cops, Preity has surely instigated a combat against one of the most powerful business families of the country. Preity always has been one of the most out-spoken and brave actress of the industry, if we recall she was the first Bollywood insider to testify against the underworld in court, in the Bharat Shah case.

However the FIR has been registered and the police have begun examining the case to extract facts. Though, the people start guessing and labeling who is the wrongdoer in their own way, especially when it comes to celebrities and well-known figures. It is more shocking when some well-known persons do that! Columnist Tavleen Singh comes up with instant-judgement tweets. "Shame on Preity Zinta for making a molestation out of a tiff between ex-lovers. When little girls are raped and hanged for nothing."
With due respect mam , If u believe a woman can never be harassed/abused by a man she once had relationship it’s something you said or think very illogical. And also, Zinta’s FIR is not about “sexual molestation” which is something many in the media missed initially, even though it prays sections of the IPC that deal with insulting “the modesty of a woman”. And regardless of a woman's social status, education, privilege or lack of it, nobody has the right humiliate her.
Feasibly now a days social media becomes the best medium for giving own opinion. In this particular case some say it is a “publicity stunt” by the actress to save her “drowning career”, also some comments are flowing on Twitter which is not only derogatory to her right to seek protection as a woman but to other stars as well.
Twitter users linked Preity’s actions to “Rakhi Sawant’s drama” indicating that their actions are prompted out of the craving to stir a controversy, also named Preity as the culprit for “doing bad movies” that annoyed Ness Wadia and he had to take “matters in his hand”. What the heck!!
Writer Shobha De truly explained “Preity is being projected as either a 'poor thing' who can't handle rejection, or a neurotic, high -pitched, out-of-control woman chasing publicity at any cost.  This is grossly unfair to Zinta. As it would be to any other woman caught in similar circumstances.”

Celebrities are placed on a podium too early and idolization along with fan worship follows but a when an issue like this comes up and society is always ahead with their judgements on the character and intentions of those involved.
We will come to know of actual happenings only in a few days’ time after investigation is complete but the fact is that Ness publicly humiliated her, as per Preity’s complaint, is totally unacceptable. If a well-educated, sophisticated guy like him can lower himself to such levels, irrespective of the reasons provoked him, we wonder what is expected of other men who are not so well-read or evolved!

All we hope is that truth comes out soon and if Preity is actually a victim, she needs to get speedy justice! Till then let’s not get judgmental about the pretty actress. 

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