June 20, 2014

Mumbai Mantra of Success (filmed on Nokia Lumia HD Camera)

"Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yahaan zara hat ke, zara bach ke ye hai Bombay meri jaan"

Mumbai , a City where everything is possible, especially the impossible; a city that never sleeps. A city that is full of life, contrasts, glitter and glamour. Considered as one of the busiest city but still not having a good infrastructure like others. Here you can see everyone’s in hurry; everyone’s priority is the highest priority at any given time.
With hundreds of issues, still there’s no stopping here. Something is there in the city for everyone. If you observe the crowded buses and trains, everyone there is making a small or big effort to make some livelihood and that too happily!

This short film by Nitin Das beautifully captures this spirit of Mumbai & incites us to ponder, what Mumbai teaches us? The answer is expressively portrayed that without struggle there is no success. What an amazing thought to start each day with!
Interestingly, the film is shot with a Nokia lumia smart phone

Struggle. Survive. Succeed.

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