June 13, 2014

The FIFA Heros & their stylish Wags

All you Posh and Beckham fans, its time-out. Soccer - off the field - is not about the Beckhams anymore. We now have Sakira, Irina, to drool over.
What's football without the glamorous WAGs — the wives and girlfriends — of heroes on the field. But they are not just trophy WAGs, these beauties are some of the most successful and beautiful ladies.
Take a look of most stylish and sexy wags of FIFA heros.
Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey & Bethany Dempsey:
Clint Dempsey is one of the key players for the United States men’s national soccer team in its 2014 World Cup campaign. The forward has been a fixture on the national squad for almost a decade. His fearlessness, aerial skill and ability to score quickly make him a potent goal-scoring threat.

Bethany Dempsey

U.S. midfielder Clint Dempsey’s wife Bethany Dempsey, 29, got in news for bodypaint for the 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue. Bethany and Clint dated for a year before he got married; the big day was on July 28, 2007 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) & Irina Shayk
Ronaldo is widely considered the best player in the world thanks to his lethal combination of speed, power, and skill. A forward's main job is to score or create scoring opportunities, and Ronaldo arguably does this well than anyone. It's fair to say that one of the most famous WAGs on the face of the Earth at the moment would have to be the stunning model Irina Shayk, who dates Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Irina Shayk
She has made her own personal fortune on catwalks and photo shoots. But she is also one of the world's hottest women with her famous voluptuous lips, long legs and thick dark hair. She was also on the cover model for the 2011 issue. She has been dating footballer Cristiano Ronaldo since may 2010 and both have also featured in Nike's 'Risk Everything' commercial.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo :
Those who don't think Ronaldo is the best player in the game are probably Messi fans. There's no one in the world who is as creative or as quick as Messi is, and what he does with ball is magic. Messi has had to be better than everyone else on the ball in part because he lacks the physicality other players do. At 5'7" he's often the shortest player on the field and gives up a lot of size to players like Ronaldo (6'1").

Antonella Roccuzzo
Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind Lionel Messi, there is Antonella Roccuzzo. They have been engaged for three years and in 2012, the couple gave birth to their first child, Thiago Messi. Antonella Roccuzzo is a simple girl who dislikes being in the limelight. Despite her relationship with one of the most famous soccer players in the world, Antonella guards her privacy.  They have always been very discreet, and their public appearances are scarce.
Neymar & Gabriela Lenzi:
Neymar's skills are superb, and he owns a myriad of fakes, feints, and dribbles that can make a defender look foolish. He's a throwback to the classic "Brazilian style of football", which is built on creativity, speed, finesse and dribbling skills rather than the bruising style that some Europeans and Americans employ.
Gabriella Lenzi
Long ago Neymar dated Carolina Dantas then Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine and now the charismatic striker is dating this pretty model named Gabriella Lenzi also spelled Gabriela Lenzi.
Brazilian girls. There’s nothing like them.
Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos (Spain) & Pilar Rubio
In soccer, there's a lot of glory in putting the ball in the net. Defenders have to do the dirty work, and don't necessarily get the credit they deserve.Ramos is one of the best defenders in the world, and is the motor for the sturdy Spanish defense. His speed and anticipation make him stand out. And there are times where it's as if he's seeing the play develop ahead of the forwards he's defending.
Pilar Rubio

Either central defender or right back pro footballer Sergio Ramos’ girlfriend Pilar Rubio is super-hot! She might be a few years older than Spanish soccer player but they make one good looking couple! The 27 year old who play for Real Madrid and her Spanish gorgeous girlfriend have been the subject of persistent break up rumors! But Ramos used his twitter account to shush all those rumors when he posted a picture of not only his girlfriend but the couple posing with family.

Philipp Lahm

Philipp Lahm (Germany) & Claudia
Full back/defensive midfielder ‘s strength is Intelligence. He's always in the right place in the right time. He's also very consistent — his last bad game was probably when he was 10. Because of his solid play and reliability, the 30-year-old is a natural choice for the German team captain.

Philipp Lahm (Germany) & Claudia
The defender Philipp Lahm has been together with the beautiful ex-Mercedes girl Claudia since 2008; although they met when they were just 16 through mutual friends. They were married on July 14 2010. The player married  Claudia Schattenberg in the Munich suburb of Aying, some 25 kilometres south of Munich where Lahm plays at Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich. Around 100 family and friends were there to witness their love, with Munich’s Andreas Ottl as the only player guest. They tied the in a traditional Bavarian wedding, Lahm, 26, and Claudia Schattenberg, 25 at the time. The civil ceremony took place two days after he returned from Germany’s third-place finish at the World Cup in South Africa! Guess his wedding was his real trophy! Schattenberg might have a funny name but she is super hot, she always seems to show a classic yet elegant style that makes you an instant fan!
Luis Suarez  & Sofia Balbi

Luis Suarez (Uruguay) & Sofia Balbi
Striker , His strength is getting the ball into the net.People either love or hate Suarez. The people who love him are usually from Uruguay or Liverpool FC fans. Those who hate him come from all places and from all walks of life.In 2011, he was banned for eight games after being found guilty of misconduct and using racial insults towards a player.

Luis Suarez’s wife Sofia Balbi also from Uruguay have known Luis since they were teenagers. Sofia did moved in with Suarez and years later they got married, she became Mrs. Suarez on December, 2009. They welcomed their first child together on August 5th, 2010 Delfina was born in the Clinica Teknon in Barcelona, Spain
Gerard Pique & Shakira

Gerard Pique & Shakira: She is the most famous and hottest among football wags. The Colombian singer is Barcelona defender Gerard Pique's girlfriend. The couple started dating during the 2010 World Cup when they met during the filming of her super hit football anthem Waka Waka. The couple also have a baby boy, Milan, who was born in 2013.

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