July 24, 2014

Mary Kom Trailer : Priyanka throws all the right punches

Mary Kom Official Trailer featuring Priyanka Chopra is finally out. 

The trailer gives a glimpse of the plot where Priyanka aka Mary Kom faces society, gender clichés and social strata which all are against her for what she wants to be. But her spirit does not know how to bow down. So, she fights with all her soul despite of parental disapproval and gender stereotypes to get inside the ring. The actor is stellar in the role and throws all the right punches.

Directed by Omung Kumar, the film paints the picture of Mary Kom's struggle to follow her dreams and be a boxer. The trailer traces the journey of the celebrated Indian sportsperson, from training to falling in love, getting married, having two kids and pursuing her boxing dreams. From the first trailer, Priyanka seems to have done complete justice to the intense character, as she rebels against her father and then after getting married, it is her husband who encourages Mary Kom.

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