August 4, 2014

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- Happy Birthday Kishore Kumar..

Didn't realize that today is Kishore Kumar's birthday. When I noticed smiling Kishore Kumar on my home page, made me little unhappy that I didn’t prepare to write anything in particular about the legend. But then, better late than never.

No doubt today’s Google doodle made for the legendary India film star is certainly a very classic and artistic in taste. The simple doodle with the letters GOOGLE placed along with the ever-smiling sketch of Kishore Kumar. Notice the four different symbols at the four corners of the doodle? These four symbols represent the four elements of the multifaceted person Kishore Kumar had been.  The symbols in the clock-wise are related to acting shown by the two happy and sad masks, second one is the camera that marked Kishore Kumar as director, the third symbol of musical note highlights Kumar as the singer while the fourth symbol of notepad and pen reflects Kishore Kumar as the screenplay writer and script writer.

Kishore Kumar one of the liveliest, though eccentric personalities the Hindi film industry has ever seen. Kishore Kumar – Kishore  a young boy and Kumar a prince – and that’s exactly what he was. Forever young at heart, who won the love of everyone who listened to his voice or saw him onscreen.

I was reading about Kishore Kumar and thinking what to write and I found 2/3 articles on him. I am sharing some of the parts with you all.

The story behind the song ‘paanch rupaiya barah aana’

As the nation remembers playback legend Kishore Kumar on his 85st birthday, few may know that the singer still owes five rupees and 12 paise, immortalized in the famous song from ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gadi’, to his college canteen here.

Born on August 4, 1929 in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district as Abhas Kumar Ganguly, Kishore attended the Christian College here after his matriculation. His college continues to remember the singer-actor for his exploits.

According to Swaroop Vajpayee, who teaches history in the college, Kishore was famous as a prankster. “Kishore studied here from 1946-48 and then went to Mumbai but he failed to pay five rupees and 12 paise that he owed to the canteen owner,” Vajpayee said.

It is said that the small debt inspired the singer to write the song ‘Paanch rupaiya barah aana…’ in the 1958 film ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gadi’ that also starred his brothers Ashok Kumar and Anup Kumar and Madhubala.According to college principal Amit David, stories related to the singer are now part of the college lore. “Not many know that Kishore was very shy and never gave a live performance. He would always insist on singing behind the curtain,” David said.

Relating another incident, Vajpayee said, “Once Kishore was using the bench in the classroom as a tabla, which angered his civics teacher. He told Kishore to stop wasting time like that. Kishore smiled and told the teacher that he intended to earn his livelihood by singing.”

Here is another interesting story recounted by his son, Amit

An interesting tale about Kishore pertains to the cameo he was to do in his brother Ashok Kumar's production Ziddi (1948), which marked Kishore's debut as playback singer under Khemchand Prakash. 'Dada Moni [Ashok Kumar] wanted Baba to do the cameo of a gardener who just abused the hero Dev [Anand] in a scene. Baba reluctantly agreed and when the camera rolled, used unprintable words instead of the abuses in the script!

"Dada Moni frantically yelled 'Cut!', but I believe that this incident had a big role to play in the bond that Baba shared with Dev Anand. "

Today If he were alive perhaps he would say, “May the madness never end!”

Happy Birthday Kishore Kumar .

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